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Wellcome to our Youtube Channell ;)Hydroponic system made at home/घर पर कैसे बनाए हाइड्रोपोनिक सिस्टम. Hydroponic Starter Kit Darwin Junior full moter system buy online(offer rate by flikart)-Rs-1499 Small link- Future Farms Air Bucket Duo Hydroponic System Plant 2 Container Set with moter buy online(offer rate by flipkart) Rs-2299 Medium link- Future Farms pipe Hydroponic fully moter System Plant Container Set (Metal)(offer rate by flipkart)Rs-8999 large pipe table system Hydroponic farming cocobet mitti ke jagah estemal karte hai(Rs-229) by online offer rates link- The Guide to Hydroponic Gardening for the Novice: How to Grow Great Vegetables Without Soil (English, B, Nathaniel Cross)Rs-359 link- Sphinx (300gm) -All Purpose Hydroponic NPK Fertilizer (19-19-19)by online amazon offer rate Rs-99 link- Indian Gardening All Purpose Hydroponic NPK Fertilizer (20-20-20) 100% Water .by amazon offer rate Rs-189 link- Radongrow Frutee-GMB3L Three Part Hydroponic liqud Nutrient buy online amazon offer rate Rs-1225 link- – hamare anya video jarur dekhiye- जानिए हाइड्रोपोनिक तकनीक के बारे में- जानिए पन्ना कैसे बदल सकता है आपका भाग्य- जानिए रत्न और उपरत्न क्या होते हैं- ज्योतिष शास्त्र के अनुसार रत्न कितने रत्ती का पहने- धातुओं के रिंग या छल्लो का नवग्रह से रहस्य- हाइड्रोपोनिक खेती की विशेषता- जानिए कौन सा रत्न आपको सूट करेगा- घर पर बनाइए हाइड्रोपोनिक सिस्टम- बिना रसायन के घर पर बनाइए हाइड्रोपोनिक का प्राकृतिक पानी( nutrient )- ज्योतिष शास्त्र सच है या झूठ जानिए- त्रिवेणी संगम गंगा जमुना सरस्वती दर्शन- साइबेरियन पक्षी का हर साल भारत भ्रमण- घर पर बनाइए सोलर कूलर/इन्वर्टर कूलर- किस ग्रह का कौन रत्न कौन धारण कर सकता है- जानिए नीलम रत्न रहस्य अपने लिए- मनोविज्ञान का मास्टर ऐप- नव ग्रहों का शुद्ध मंत्र- जानिए शिवलिंग पर चढ़ने वाले( कई ) पत्तों का रहस्य- […]

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  • Sanjiv Sharma 10 months ago

    Water me mix krne k liy organic nutrition kuch bataiye jo ghr pr hi tyar ho sakte ho ?

  • pintu rajwade 10 months ago

    Video bnao to acche se bnaya kro

  • pintu rajwade 10 months ago

    Compost kon btayga

  • sandeep yadav 10 months ago

    sir hydroponics systm water change kitne din baad hota h

  • Youtube ki Nayi Duniya 10 months ago
  • i startup 10 months ago

    Sir Hydroponic ki trening dete hai kya contract number dijiye

  • Youtube ki Nayi Duniya 10 months ago

    Tub hydroponic kit with moter set & pipe hydroponic system with moter set.Aap" description box" me jake online ye dono tarah ke hydroponic system kit manga sakte hai aur aur kit ko dekh kar badi matra me bana bhi sakte h.Aur usme use hone wali water nutrient/fertilizer/ khad ko online manga bhi sakte h. Description Mein link Diya hua h.

  • DEEP SINGH 10 months ago

    Bhai sahab hydroponic ke liye Jaivik Khad kaise istemal kare banane ki vidhi Bataye

  • Ghritesh Sahu 10 months ago

    Pipe system kaise badi matra me kheti karenge

  • CannaBeard Grows 10 months ago

    I think this dude should have smoked Sativa instead of India before filming lol

  • Daisy Phan 10 months ago

    I will plant my climbing rose this way… I hope it will work 🙂

  • LEGENDofTHUNDER 10 months ago

    you Just shouldve Made clones

  • Keith X 10 months ago

    Thanks Scott! Have you ever tried a coffee filter instead of reg paper?

  • Kandy Crowe 10 months ago

    Great! Liked seeing you put the plant in the pot and then the pellets.

  • Michael Frank II 10 months ago

    I think you have great ideas for low budget and the use of common items around the home for secondary use. I have to say that there are certain types of nutrients that you have used in some of the videos you have made are not organic, but the concept is there. if it works for you great! I think there was a comment below that was somewhat on the ignorant side about the introduction of nutients not being organic. With that in mind the type of nutients used is what deems a grow organinc or not. Use of manure to create a brew of tea is about as organic as it gets. Whats not organic is Miracle grow. There are nutrients that you can get in dry or liquid for that are organic, just need to look at the ingredients and decifer what is natural or what is a man made compound….Chris Hansen.

  • It's no longer organic when you introduce fertilizer. Goddamn California pothead liberals….

  • japannabis 10 months ago

    you should install a tap at the bottom of the tub so you can drain your system and refill it easier

  • Andrew Logan 10 months ago

    how do you change the water

  • RickKennedyFilms 10 months ago


  • Piotr Stęplowski 10 months ago

    What are flooding seedlings (I am a Pole and did not understand )

  • Mike Taylor 10 months ago

    hey scott: great video. i'm a noob so i have some questions:
    1] is changing the water solely based on ph ?
     i plan to build the system but for 1` plant only w a larger basket [10inch]
    2] would this affect how frequently i have to change the water?

  • David Silva 10 months ago

    you have alot to learn brother about dwc.

  • David Silva 10 months ago

    dude why did you put dry manure in the res. god put that shit in some panty hose and let it brew. god you tanted your res with all the loose shit. next time put the manure in a peace of panty hose and let it brew.

  • Thanks for the video!  🙂
    I ask myself, why are the containers for hydroponics so big in relation to the plants. What happens, if the container would be as half as big? Doesn't it work then? 

  • judith grossbier 10 months ago

    I asked this in your 2012 hydroponics video:

    I live in, basically, desert in Southern California. The summer temps get over 100 degrees quite often. Will the water be too warm and basically cook my plant(s) from the root, up?

  • Boylo Boyle 10 months ago

    here mate, I have a question, is a hydroponic system just a pump pushing more oxygen into water with nutrients??

  • james b 10 months ago

    you should look into using nutrients that are designed for hydroponics and not for soil.

  • Joni Gross 10 months ago

    You can also use a mesh paint strainer instead of paper.  Home Depot or any paint store has them.  

  • 1new-man 10 months ago

    nice post Scott