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I built this very simple planter out of a piece of bamboo. I think this would work well if it had drip irrigation, For me to keep everything growing I would need to water 2 or 3 times a day, Not really going to work for me in this hot climate, It would need a lot of baby sitting. Life in Thailand on Facebook My Thai Homestead Website My other youtube channel, WorldTravel Twitter Tweets by PaulDollimount Video Rating: / 5 Related Posts4 Pocket Vertical Garden Planter By Invigorated Living Review, Indoor and Balcony Gardening Made EasAll Natural Handcrafted Bamboo Vertical Gardening Towers – BooGardens™Bamboo Wall Decor Idea | Diy Idea For Garden & Home // GREEN PLANTSVertical corner planter made from pallets. Limited tools project!Home Made Vertical Hydroponic SystemVertical Gardening Ideas, Green Walls

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  • ARMAND ALOVERA 1 year ago

    You are a hurried videographer?.  Please consider that we want to enjoy watching your posted videophiles.  And as such, it s most pleasant if you make a decent shooting of your subject unhurriedly.  We have to adjust to your speed of shooting it.  Thanks and appreciably love more of it.

  • ARMAND ALOVERA 1 year ago


  • Rob Bob's Backyard Farming & Aquaponics 1 year ago

    How's the planter going for you now, are you still happy with it ?

  • Myles Adams 1 year ago

    interesting idea.what comes to mind if the wicking concept would work with another half of bamboo underneath with a water reservoir and some sought of wick…. this might be a solution for crowded cities as long you the apartment got sun you have them everywhere! 

  • Southpaw Davey urban farm. 1 year ago

    That looks so cool. dave

  • rodney newbury 1 year ago

    Pretty neat!!

  • mangomango999 1 year ago

    Always nice to drop by to see what you got going on in the garden.  And I knew you were going to try something like this when I saw your last videos.  🙂  I'm looking into the drip gardening watering concept this year.  It's got to be better, just a little work up front.

  • Jess Yates 1 year ago

    Your Garden is off the hook Bro.  You have nice soil too.  My ladies farm in unbonrat is more of a sand base soil,  I think we will have to bring in soil for the garden beds, but well worth it.  Love your videos great ideas and you show the natural beauty of living in Thailand.

  • Ross Todd 1 year ago

    I thought lettuce needed sun to germinate, so don't cover the seed…

  • bangalorebobbel 1 year ago

    cool use of good old Bamboo … and space.
    Could maybe also service as a very nice setup for all kind of hanging stuff like hanging tomatoes or radishes (the Mougri type) and so on.
    Only challenge may be watering, as You told already 😉

  • jmmurdy 1 year ago


  • crizzey100 1 year ago

    What Nexted ! Old Wise one ! ( Flower Pots !! )LOL !! Looks like you cleaned up your garden it's Looking good !

  • Elyse Joseph 1 year ago

    Great project, more growing space!

  • ivor nappinion 1 year ago

    I WANT ONE,thats going to look mint when it starts growing…GOOD IDEA ;]