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Growing Herbs or green vegetables in Home Hydroponics Welcome back folks Today I am doing a short video on my Kratky and Kratky plus air type systems. I started out with two bucket containers that used to have honey in them. My wife picked these up at a local bulk food store for 99 cents each. Each bucket holds 46 cup of liquid. I spray painted the outside of the buckets and lids with a brown spray paint that adheres to the plastic. I bought 2″ net cups and a flat of rockwool in small cubes and Microplugs. On the one system, I will let the plants grow without any air stones (the original Kratky system) and the other one will have air introduced into the system from a 6″ air stone running from a small aquaponic pump. The lids of both have been drilled out for 4 net pots and one hole in the center that I have inserted a normal 1 1/4″ drain plug like you would find in a sink. Not a big investment for this experiment. If you have any other suggestions on improvements, please leave a comment below. I am using a two part hydroponics solution called Dutch Nutrient Formula as the fertilizer for each container. I am going to plant small lettuces and herbs in these to see if I can get a crop. If you have any other suggestions on plants, please leave a comment below. Thanks again for watching, I really do appreciate it. If you like this video, please click the “Like” button. If haven’t already don’t forget to click the “Subscribe” button, to continue watching more of my videos. You can also visit my website, , where you will find samples of my woodworking projects, my BLOG, and other […]

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  • Asif Asif 3 months ago

    Zaberdast Ahmad bai keep it up!

  • Balkees Ahmad 3 months ago

    Very nice and informative video. Well done! Keep it up.

  • Du Fung 3 months ago

    Aeroponics is bit different, it's literally roots outside the solution never touching liquid, what you're doing is 'kratky style bubbleponics'.

  • Nomad Wizard 3 months ago

    Rockwool is carcinogenic…..same as using fiberglass…use organic coconut-core plugs…clean and natural and can be thrown into compost pile.

  • RD Kitchen Garden 3 months ago

    nice little set up. I will be interested to see how things grow in it. Will keep watching

  • Dale Calder 3 months ago

    Looks good to me Harold. Will you be moving it outside in the summer?

  • Paul's Backyard Garden 3 months ago

    Nice set up that should work good. Keep us posted.

  • Jeb Gardener 3 months ago

    I suspect you can get some lettuce in that spot but it will probably be real leggy. Good luck!

  • Edward Bailey 3 months ago

    Nice setup, will be interesting to see the results ! I want to try some of these sort of Deep Water systems! Make sure you post an update!

  • Kevin Bradley Gardening and Outdoors 3 months ago

    Looks good Harold, it will be interesting to see how it works out, my only comments would be to maximise the natural light and try and centre the air-stone, so that all the plants benefit from the aeration. My experiment was with a rubber maid container and was started in a south facing window in January and I found that my lettuce wanted to bolt and got tall and leggy, so I added a light, that helped, but my air-stone was small and i could not seem to get it centred, so some plants grew better than others. I stopped using this system because I felt there was not enough natural light, that early in the year. I have had better results from the individual containers under grow lights using the Dutch nutrient fertiliser down in the basement. I have harvested seven lettuces so far and have seven more growing now. I feel this system could be used year round if you don't mind paying for the Hydro to run the lights, or at least in the winter months, until you can get fresh from the garden again. Cheers, Kevin.