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  • Logan Droegmiller 4 years ago

    What type of pump did you use?

  • Vasumati Lapre 4 years ago

    Hydroponics is an effective system but it also have some drawback, you need to buy some "plant food", nutrition and supplements which can be expensive. Before making any hydroponics system, you need to look at the advantage of aquaponics system, which could automate 95% of work.

  • GreenTheGreed 4 years ago

    What kind of pump is that's

  • mitch300091 4 years ago

    Where do you get the mesh pots iv looked everywhere someone plz help????

  • kama kazi 4 years ago

    nice setup

  • smashedagain420 4 years ago

    its actually called a cup saw

  • originaldiddybigs 4 years ago

    Why three lengths of tubing and not four?

  • maclovindotca 4 years ago

    The roots are like cooked spaghetti in water. They are all tangled together, it's not a problem unless your growing root vegetables. There is plenty of room because the plant has all the nutrients it needs. You can easily grow three plants 6' tall in this setup.

  • Marcos Lopez 4 years ago

    Is there any tangling of the roots or do the roots simply have adequate space? Can you please give me a description of the roots, I am very interested in knowing how the lateral roots would be like in a sog situation. Thanks in advance

  • maclovindotca 4 years ago

    Almost. You cant get the clay pellets or the baskets but there no reason you cant use gravel instead and even regular mini plastic pots with some extra holes drilled through them.

  • maclovindotca 4 years ago

    You can put the sprouts in rock wool cubes and place them in the centre then surround it with clay pebbles. You can use the pots in whatever combinations you want: one large 10" pot or several 2" pots. The main thing is the bucket has the capacity to hold the roots. This setup can maintain three very large plants.

  • jonescity 4 years ago

    Question how are you able to fit the plants in there while the drip thingy was in the net pot? Is it safe to use one huge net pot (10") that covers the whole bucket and plant two tomatoes or peppers in that? BTW this is the simplest tutorial I've seen yet. I'm going to try hydroponics this summer!

  • JNedoCT 4 years ago


  • taylor williams 4 years ago

    Yall check out mines

  • maclovindotca 4 years ago

    @TheRandal400 thank you

  • Ace Spade 4 years ago

    simplest tutorial ive seen yet

  • maclovindotca 4 years ago

    @monkyballs475 You can use pH strips from aquarium stores. I use a ph drop that changes colour in a vial of water since you can do the tests for less than a penny.

  • David Raya 4 years ago

    Where or what kind of ph tester where can I get on and what kind do I use

  • maclovindotca 4 years ago

    @yooperslayer69 It depends on the plant that is grown but in general terms the root systems are segregated so in theory it could only be a maximum of three plants each in 5 gallon buckets of soil.

  • bigMONEYbigSMOKE 4 years ago

    is the water constantly moving through the plants 24/7 or is there a time on and off?