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Aquaponic farming can provide endless advantages to gardeners, fish owners, and food lovers. This system involves growing both fish and plants, to the mutual benefit of both forms of life. This is how it works: Water from your fish tank is pumped into your plant bed, providing fertilization from the fish waste. After the plants take the waste out of the water, clean water is transported back into the fish tank.

All aquaponics systems and aquaponics farming actually makes use of growing fish alongside a crop of plants (fruit and vegetables mainly) this is done in a totally natural way. I guess the best way to describe an aquaponics system is the combination of a fish tank and a plant bed interconnected by an aquatic pump system. The fish produce by-products that contains nutrients that are fed to the crop of plants and the plants then filter the waste from the water and we pump that in a cycle back to the fish tank and so on.

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Home Aquaponics Systems (Indoor Gardening Supplies)

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  • Sheng Borth

    Thanks a lot for the video.
    I additionally have some strategies to grows up to 10 times the plants, in half time, with healthier plants, while the "fish" execute all the work…”