HobbyKid Handmade Awards! Kid President's 82 Guide to Being Awesome in Book by SoulPancake

Handmade Awards: 82 in the new book, Kid President’s Guide to Being Awesome. Share the Awesomeness, get his book here: ​http://www.soulpancake.com/kpbook/
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We produce clean family friendly kids toy videos. We collect all brands of toys, review toys, and the kids have always loved playing and creating fun stories with their toys since they were very little. So join the HobbyFun today and come be a HobbyKid today!
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This Herb garden kit was purchased at DollarTree! Fun, easy and cheap way to educate your children about planting and its nutritional values to growing your own food! What better way to do to that by getting them to get involved in planting! I will also be doing updates weekly on the status of these herbs they’ve sowed. Please subscribe for updates and other videos. Also comment and let me know what you think I should incorporate in my future videos.

Thanks for watching and Happy Planting!


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HobbyKid Handmade Awards! Kid President’s 82 Guide to Being Awesome in Book by SoulPancake

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