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Frontier Agrotech is a Singapore high-tech indoor farm that uses vertical hydroponics tower to grow varieties of the leafy superfood, Kale. By using this hydroponics towers, Frontier is able to grow more as compared to traditional hydroponics methodology using the same amount of space. Using climate control technology, in additional to tropical crops, they are also able to grow temperate crops that are otherwise unable to grow in Singapore’s climate. Possibly fruits too! Just like Mushroom Kingdom ‘s freshly harvested mushrooms, these freshly harvested Kale simply taste better and are higher in nutrition level as compared to imported ones from faraway land. This is because as the veggies are passing through the value chain (freight and various distribution channels) before reaching the hands of consumers, their quality are deteriorating! Speed is of essence here! We need more farms in Singapore! Video Rating: / 5 Related Posts[Farm Box] – [Idea] – A high tech indoor farming solutionAgricultural Revolution! This Farm of The Future Uses High Tech Robots To Automate EverythingIndoor farming in Singapore: growing high quality greens without pesticides, weather risk, nor wastePanasonic Factory Solution Asia Pacific’s First Indoor Vegetable Farm in SingaporeVertical Indoor Farm in SingaporeA small indoor commercial farm in Singapore

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