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Visit: or In a world of advanced technology, science, and environmental concern we talk to students who have a vision for the future of farming and are working to create high-tech tools to help make agriculture more precise. We also take a look at plant genetics, biotechnology, and a unique couple – an organic farmer and a plant geneticist –both of whom work at UC Davis and strongly believe that the two traditionally opposing sides actually have the same goals. Series: “9 Billion Mouths to Feed: The Future of Farming” [Agriculture] [Show ID: 24297] Video Rating: / 5 Subscribe us @ Like on Facebook: Follow on Twitter: Visit our website for more: Better use of labor, integration into current machinery fleets, plus the flexibility to work unmanned around the clock with real time data monitoring – and, in the future, the ability to automatically respond to weather events. That’s what the concept autonomous tractor technology developed by CNH Industrial could bring to future world agriculture, following its public preview at the 2016 Farm Progress Show in Boone, Iowa, USA. Precision farming and machine automation are already taking on ever-greater importance, in order to meet the need for more efficient, economic and sustainable agriculture. However, at key times of the year farm work still demands long hours in the field – particularly when harvesting a crop, or planting the next one. Via its Case IH and New Holland Agriculture brands, CNH Industrial’s Innovation Group has proactively developed concept autonomous technology to meet this challenge and help farmers and agribusinesses sustainably boost production and productivity at these times, through the ability to make the most of ideal soil and weather conditions, as well as available labor. Auto-steering and telematics are already available on today’s […]

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  • RoseRedDemon 1 year ago

    Let's face the facts people we're killing our planet and our people in too many ways to count already, lets not add another blow to this. I mean seriously let's test things for long long long periods of time before letting an entire nation, it's animals and environment become guinea pigs. Also why do you never see people physically protesting these things anymore?!

  • Jan Neels 1 year ago

    "life saving example"  lol

  • 1000theories 1 year ago

    This video is a thinly veiled propaganda tool for corporate control of our food sources as a means of social control. 

  • devin walsh 1 year ago

    One seed yield is a joke

  • devin walsh 1 year ago

    California has to ship bees from other countries in because your genetic garbage crops and pesticides 

  • devin walsh 1 year ago

    Media garbage….. We have enough food we wont if you keep killing bees and the population is at child peak already do research before listening to this garbage 

  • Luis Portillo 1 year ago

    Insects, and Animals are going extinct each year…. chemicals and pesticides are the cause for our global dangers.If people ever knew how are livestock and crop were being treated to make business. People would actually starve to death. It is very sad, how this world is Practically about the money than Our people and environment. IT IS GREED THAT THE RICH WANT! 

  • Luis Portillo 1 year ago

    Many people don't really understand how genetically agriculture is beneficial in many ways. Population tends to Increase each year. Genetically modifying food is not a danger in any way? It is the Chemical Pesticides and Hormones that speed the process of our food. 

  • Deric Jones 1 year ago

    In most places the problem isnt with the plant product or science. It is whit the business policy, farmers dont want seed that is modified that causes them to have to go back to the producer to buy more. if that can be done there wont be much problems in regard to GMO. Solve this for us OH MIGHTY GOOGLE!!!

  • bogdanflorea09 1 year ago

    nice video

  • Amalric Pouzoulet 1 year ago

    anyone know the song at the beginning? cheers

  • C Muriohpolois 1 year ago

    If we can't find a cheaper and more effecient way to move food from farm to plate, then what good is growing enough?

  • C Muriohpolois 1 year ago

    Billions of mouths to feed, great advancements in Ag Tech, and still a horrible, slow moving, expensive, road-plugging transportation industry.

  • Shane Aric 1 year ago

    Haha. It is because the pesticide is INSIDE the corn then chewed and swallowed and digested.

    I would like to see just how much food is thrown away daily in the USA alone. I would imagine it is enough to feed another continent. 

  • Kramos96723 1 year ago

    The worst idea every we as human are poisoning other human based on money, feed the average people chemicals and other types of crap……! 

  • Amanda de la Rosa 1 year ago

    You treat people like mentally retarded…

  • Jamie Holland 1 year ago

    All I can say is wow. Technology today is incredible and it is neat to see how it changes old industries such as farming. 

  • Rampally Venu 1 year ago

    you are 100 % correct

  • Hans Van Camper 1 year ago

    youtube . com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=PiIeUU8o-mo#!

  • elektronati 1 year ago

    Here read this Californians, these people are nothing but part of the propaganda machine. Do not trust them.
    treehugger (dot) com/environmental-policy/did-monsanto-write-anti-gmo-labeling-op-ed-signed-uc-davis-professor (dot) html

  • Wow HD Technology 1 year ago


  • Isaac Mercado 1 year ago

    great for GMOs

  • All in one 1 year ago

    Nice video
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