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  • Fellow Traveler 8 months ago

    Are your plants initially planted in a small ammount of soil and then you let the roots grow out or were they suspended in something else?

    Also, would small carburettor jets be appropriate as nozzles or do you need something with a smaller diameter? They come as small as 0.8mm exit diameter or smaller as main jets and even as 0.35mm and smaller as pilot jets.


    EDIT: disregard the question about the nozzles, I found some information on them, stating that they have to be much finer than that and that they have a different design. The information I found states that they should be at around 0.04mm if anyone is interested.

  • StraightUpGrow 8 months ago

    Hey, what are the dimensions of this tub & where can I find one or make one ? Thank you

  • mike gogetta 8 months ago

    You guys are the definition of perfection great job 🙂 would it be possible to know where i can get 50 micron nozzles and can it be fitted in pvc since i cannot be as professionnal as you guys are… Once again great job and im looking forward to new vids thx

  • rustler1375 8 months ago

    oooooh baby I love your way, the way you grow that is….lol. All jokes aside great system peoples, im from Australia are your systems available down under(oz distributor) and if not can i get one sent here…?

  • Scott Baker 8 months ago

    Where do you get misting nozzles?

  • Indoor Harvest 8 months ago

    Craig, we're growing leafy lettuce right now. This is a new system. We made some changes from our original prototype. First, water is filtered down to 5ppm and de-chlorinated using our RO system. Then fertilizers are injected. There is a 30 micron filter for every two trays. As long as there is no debris existing in the system and as long as you don't let the system go offline for any length of time, nozzle clogging will be very minimal if at all. You'll still want to check between grows.

  • Craig Mullins 8 months ago

    What kind of plants are those? Been wanting to set one of those up and play around. Have you been running that system for a while now? What kind of filtering and what size particulate filter are you using? How often do you have to clean those nozzles?