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Glen Kertz talks about High Density Vertical Growing Systems on CNBC’s “Power Lunch”. Watch and learn about how vertical growing is a great idea for the global food and fuel challenges. See more video at: Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsUrban Produce High Density Vertical Growing SystemCannabis High Density Mobile Vertical Growing Systems by Montel Inc.High Density Vertical HydroponicsHigh Density Vertical HydroponicsNaked High Flow Hydro flower2 recirculating dwc hydroponic growing systemVertical Gardening Idea | Ikea Shoe Organizer Hack For Growing Greens

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  • rcacad 1 year ago

    Im starting an investment group to build neighboorhood house/buildings to do this. Its all a non tiered investment and all profits are % shared by those who= bought into the plan after all the cost analysis was done. The food would be sold at the local farmers market OR out of an old shutdown business. Any takers? Ive seen some incredible terraced indoor hydroponic piping grow rooms that people say allows them to never buy food. What about the whole house or designed new building? is it do able?