Added by on 2016-09-10 WEED DICTIONARY 420 – marijuana slang All lit up – Wasted on weed BC Bud – high-grade from British Columbia Blaze – smoke marijuana Blazed – High on Marijuana Blunt – marijuana inside a cigar Blunted out – smoked many blunts of marijuana Bo-bo – marijuana Bong – waterpipe used to smoke marijuana Bowl – marijuana pipe Buds – Marijuana Buda – high-grade marijuana Burn one – smoke marijuana. Buzz – under the influence Buzzkill- somebody says something that makes everyone go silent Cannabis – marijuana, hemp, pot, ganja, reefer. Cannon – huge joint Canoe – when a joint gets a hole Cashed – bowl is finished/empty Chiba-Chiba -A black Brazilian form of reefer Chinese eyed – when the eyes become slanted from the influence of marijuana Chocolate Thai – type of marijuana Christmas tree – marijuana; depressant; amphetamine Chronic – marijuana; chronic marijuana. Coffeeshop Cafe – Hash Weed Coffee shops are unique to Amsterdam Holland. Creeperbud – marijuana that creeps up on you Dank – High grade bud, which is moist and sticky Dime bag – worth of drugs Ditch weed – marijuana, inferior quality, Mexican Doobie marijuana Dope – marijuana; any other drug Dope fiend – marijuana addict who loves to continually smoke dope. Dub / Dub Sack – worth of weed Dugout – A pipe used for smoking marijuana. Dust – heroin; cocaine; PCP; marijuana mixed with various chemicals. El diablo – marijuana Elbow – A pound of pot. Fatty – marijuana cigarette Fire it up – to smoke marijuana Fly Mexican airlines – to smoke marijuana Fucked up – Your high on drugs and not a thing you can do about it. Funk – Slang for marijuana. Ganjah – Bob Marley marijuana term. Get lifted – under the influence of drugs Grass – Slang for […]

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  • waauuuup 1 year ago

    U sir are not fated to be a stand up comedian

  • StayOutta237 1 year ago

    Who uses MySpace?

  • system123123 1 year ago

    love the comedy bro

  • nuggetsofgreen 1 year ago

    roof rack!. ROFL ^_^

  • nuggetsofgreen 1 year ago

    Every crown vic is the fuckin enemy! lol yea. lol.

  • withaspoon94 1 year ago

    @jdm142 what episode was that ?

  • Shinn18 1 year ago

    when i'm high and driving, it feels like a game

  • Blocked ! 1 year ago

    damn just watching this makes me feel hi and i donnt even smoke

  • shortmansrq 1 year ago

    ROOF RACKS OMFG. I completely know that feeling.
    Hate those fucking things.

  • GODhelpUSofA 1 year ago

    1/2 the young population smokes a few times a month. Most of the reckless drivers are young. This stat tells us nothing out of the ordinary considering Marijuana stays in your system for a while and that risk takers are probably willing to be more risky with laws and drug use in general.

    Think of it this way. Out of one hundred cars on a highway 50% were going south. The other 50% were going north. There are only two directions they could be going. Do you find anything alarming?

  • jhaze918 1 year ago

    srry to bother u…but 1 more thing about how you said 33percent of reckless drivers were found with marijuana in their system…when you smoke weed it stays in your system for 1 month…so those people tested in memphis could have smoked a joint 2 weeks before the crash and still tested positive…its all government funded propaganda!!! and we eat it all up!!!

  • jhaze918 1 year ago

    and also something you wont learn from dare class or above the influence website…..marijuana was once regulated and distributed by the US government for medical purposes….and in fact there are still people today who receive this medical marijuana from the government…and on a side note….you cant really compare the effect of weed to the effect of alcohol because its not even close…ive never seen som1 not be able to walk in a strait line after smoking a joint lol

  • jhaze918 1 year ago

    lmao….you must have pulled this right off the above the influence website….all they have is government funded advertising…its all propaganda…lets take a look at the true facts….directly related deaths from marijuana—-ZERO… about alcohol, prescription drugs, cigarettes—-THOUSANDS A YEAR…..but yet we keep teaching kids that weed is this horrible cancer causing drug…but in reality has many medical uses, including helping cancer patients…

  • S Nunya 1 year ago

    Stats are whack…..everyone smokes weed

  • richay1 1 year ago

    0:50 hear the guy go ahhhhhhh high pitched he dus it every time :L

  • Eric Shantz 1 year ago

    I love Top Gear! Yeah, I definitely drive better stoned!

  • steven rocha 1 year ago

    there is a car show called top gear and they did a study on how people scored on a driving test while sober and one driving high. the person that did the driving test high got a better score than the person who did it sober…. and i have to say i think i drive better high lol

  • abbas224 1 year ago

    what's wrong with smoking in the park?
    smoking a bong or a pipe in public is a stupid idea, but spliffs are a lot less conspicuous – unless someone is close enough to get a whiff of it, they'll just assume you're smoking a cig.
    where do you live anyway? i walk around my area with a spliff in my mouth every day – no-one round here gives a shit. and if i see a copper walking up on the same side as me, i just casually cross the road.

  • d0md0mt0mt0m 1 year ago

    Oh roof racks lmao, I hate them even when I'm not blazed.

  • dogydog247 1 year ago

    funny ass hell du