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Click Here to free Subscribe : **Stay Connected with Us** Website: Facebook- Twitter- Google Plus- Instagram- Video Rating: / 5 In many of the lowest-ranked HDI countries, farming provides more than two thirds of all jobs and over three quarters of export earnings. Agriculture is also the dominant sector of employment for women. It is 96% of employment in Burundi, 84% in Rwanda and 77% in Uganda. In this short macro video, we at those countries with the highest percentage of employment in agriculture and the challenge of raising farm productivity as a strategy for cutting the scale of extreme working poverty. Related PostsFirst Time In Asia: Turmeric Vertical Farming from ECN Hi-Tech Agri Pvt. Ltd.HITECH VERTICAL FARMING IN INDIAThe hi-tech future of farming in the NetherlandsVertical farming Gilgal green |Pr Jacob Joseph | malayalam | keralaHi-tech Hydroponic Aeroponics Farming now in GuwahatiHydroponics in India Low Cost Model #Basic Stracture #Hydroponic #farming #Agriculture

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