I’m back boiz (and grilz). This week’s base takes advantage of yet ANOTHER new Roof Ramp Exploit!

I originally found out about this exploit from PrinceVidz’s channel, here’s a link:

The TEST TUBE is for two to three players, and has a ton of storage for a surprisingly low cost! It also has an insanely secure front door, so raiders will almost NEVER want to raid you once they blow through the first door!

The TEST TUBE is a base that costs:
5,800 Stone
5,000 Metal
2,200 Wood

with a daily upkeep cost of:
810 Stone
690 Metal


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Song Used: LAKEY INSPIRED – This Feeling
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Second Song Used: LAKEY INSPIRED – Blue Boi
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HE’S BACK! | ANOTHER new Roof Ramp Exploit! | RUST 3.2 | The TEST TUBE

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