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Twitch!: Discord!: Donate!: I’m back boiz (and grilz). This week’s base takes advantage of yet ANOTHER new Roof Ramp Exploit! I originally found out about this exploit from PrinceVidz’s channel, here’s a link: The TEST TUBE is for two to three players, and has a ton of storage for a surprisingly low cost! It also has an insanely secure front door, so raiders will almost NEVER want to raid you once they blow through the first door! The TEST TUBE is a base that costs: 5,800 Stone 5,000 Metal 2,200 Wood with a daily upkeep cost of: 810 Stone 690 Metal FORTIFY Link: As always definitely make sure to drop a like if you found this content enjoyable or informational, and seriously consider subscribing if you haven’t already! Song Used: LAKEY INSPIRED – This Feeling SoundCloud link: Second Song Used: LAKEY INSPIRED – Blue Boi SoundCloud link: Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsNEW Roof Ramp Exploit! | COMPLETELY Hidden Loot Room + TC! | RUST 3.0 | The ALCOVENEW ROOF BUNKER – New Rust Exploit Building 3.2The New Roof Meta – Rust Base Building 3.2 ExploitRUST | NEW OVERPOWERED ROOF PUSHING TRICK BASELIVING BETWEEN ROOF CAMPERS! – Rust SOLO Survival #7New Roof Bunkers – Base Building Stream – Rust 🔴

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  • MYnameIsLION 1 year ago

    were did u go ive been waiting

  • Bung Smuggler 1 year ago

    canthev back at it again the king of cinematics
    apart from surge 😉

  • Ludde 1 year ago

    Base is sick you should upload more going to be using this this wipe for sure

  • Rekt Minecraft boi 1 year ago

    Lol says he's back then doesn't post for 2 months again lmao I can't judge tho because I'm not in his shoes

  • OobigradvomutoO Nog 1 year ago

    Hey canthev remember me I have a 11k stone, 1.6k metal frags and 110 high quality base i would like to show you. It uses a similar concept to the test tube and I wanted to see if you could improve it?! Also hope you start uploading again!

  • White Mask 1 year ago

    I Have To Say That your base build videos is fucking great.Your Edit is great,too.Which Make Your Channel like a base design company.Unlike another base build video(another youtubers)which always speed up the build,so it kind of hard to saw what he do and it too slow if you slow down the video.Keep Making Videos,i will support you if i can

  • Androbozz 1 year ago

    Does it still work after all the updates? Btw Great vid i hope you will find more time for the vids 🙂

  • Xx Cosmicbananna xX 1 year ago

    It doesnt even work wtf dude

  • Sebastian Tapia 1 year ago

    This is my favorite base building channel. Glad you're back dude. (Next time you could upload a disclaimer or smth. Just saying). Refreshing simple way to use the exploit. Very nice job

  • Its called a Conical flask bro xD

  • Can im get 10000 SUB im poor 1 year ago

    can you make solo strong bunker base?

  • Jayno 1 year ago

    Love it bro! Hope you continue making amazing vids!

  • Can im get 10000 SUB im poor 1 year ago

    do you love retard? canthev? you really nice to make picture retard

  • Pepermans 1 year ago

    But if they see the armored roof they will not come trough the main entrance I bet they will come from upstairs.
    Its only 16 satchels to come towards the Garage door ?

  • coolguy 9 1 year ago

    still working?

  • NatriumDioksid 1 year ago

    Canthev, can u make like a strong base, good storage and not an insane upkeep, we are 5-6guys, Would help 🙂

  • Jody Vickers 1 year ago

    Why upgrade the roof to HQ if you're going to leave the stairs as metal frags.

  • Sentinel 1 year ago

    Me and a bud tried and you can push someone through the ramp part

  • Luca Zentai 1 year ago

    That’s not even. Test tube it and conical flask

  • Noah Longo 1 year ago

    Holy shit thank god your back