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As any good hippy will tell you, the cannabis plant isn’t only good for getting stoned. Hemp has been used for thousands of years for all kinds of stuff, including making rope, clothing, and even cars. With this in mind, Albany, NY-based Green Built has high hopes it can bring cannabis construction into the US mainstream with its hemp-based tiny house. The firm aims to build its home to Passive House standards, so it should be very … The interior layout of the home is slated to measure 522 sq ft (50 sq m) It’s important to note that hemp construction isn’t new, not by a long shot The floorspace is split between a deck, living room, kitchen, foyer, master bedroom and bathroom Joking aside, it’s important to note that hemp construction isn’t new or even unusual outside the US, and makes sense as a sustainable building material. Green Built aims to use Hempcrete (essentially a mix of hemp, lime and water) to build its tiny house. Used quite widely in the UK, Hempcrete is non-toxic, has good insulation properties – and no, it won’t get you high if your house burns down. Assuming all goes to plan (and that’s still a big assumption at this early stage), the first prototype HempHome: Tiny+ is slated to comprise 522 sq ft (50 sq m) of floorspace, which may be pushing it a little for a strict “tiny house” definition, but it is still on the snug side. The floorspace would be split between a deck, living room, kitchen, foyer, master bedroom and bathroom. In time, the firm plans to make several other models available too. Green Built is aiming to meet Passive House standards for the HempHome: Tiny+ which is a very exacting green building code and the team includes Passive […]

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  • Marina Tretyak 1 year ago

    what about cracks on the ridge?

  • Best Roofers - Manchester 1 year ago

    Also HSE would shut you down if they seen this 

  • Best Roofers - Manchester 1 year ago

    This whole sector of the roofing industry should have died with Aquashield. Terrible video terrible product avoid like the plague.  

  • Michael Wilson 1 year ago

    It seems good to me . I would suggest this process could be carried out for 1500 quid which is much cheaper than a new roof. 

  • Rob Williamson 1 year ago

    i am a time served tradesman and have seen this coating done wasnt too impressed! coating it in paint is all well and good but what happens to the felt underneath? it doesnt magically renew itself i would go for a full re-roof, new breathable felt and tanalised battens everytime! it costs just as much as this shoddy job

  • Hubert Thiel 1 year ago

    The roof should have been washed and primed then the top coats on. You should try some Nutech Paints.

  • cal ram 1 year ago

    aye and you sould see a brand new roof after a couple of winters theirs plenty of roof coatings failed but their is also plenty that have already proven themselfs. new roof tiles are coated in the factory so what your saying is a new roof tiles are no good " i think you have seen the quality of the coating and as a roofer you are pissed off because roof coating are doing you out of work other wize you wouldn't bother commenting.

  • hardy09ist 1 year ago

    Never should anyone have this done yeah it looks great at firs but for how long? Until the mortar bed on the ridges blows then it looks terrible patchy an peeling everywhere . A re-tiled roof should be the option every time as this spraying is only a temporary thing at least the ridges should of been taken off and re-bedded afterwards not just painted over ! I can see a lot of old folk being ripped by this !!!

  • paul pentony 1 year ago

    It looks good I'd say the grannys like to dip into their pensions for this

  • rsg666 1 year ago

    "fuck-stick" ,"jack-off" ,,,,,you're obviously not a very intelligent person with a serious lack of communication skills,have a nice day and crawl back into you're little hole and rest you're brain…..

  • rsg666 1 year ago

    sorry ,still not convinced, you should go back and see roofs that have been coated with paint after a couple of bad winters………your video shows the ridge that has not even been pointed properly before its sprayed and you can clearly see the gap between ridge tile and mortar,paint is not a replacement for cement…If the customer re-roofs with a brand new tile they'll get at least 30 years from the new tiles.

  • Kingfisher Building Products 1 year ago

    Our roof coatings are also factory applied as the protective coating in the manufacture of new tiles and we guarantee the coating for 10 years when applied by an approved installer. There are certainly bad roof coaters just as there are bad lawyers, builders etc. but this does not mean that remedial roof coating doesn’t work! We also have many “time served” roofers who apply the product along with their other services.

  • rsg666 1 year ago

    this stuff is complete crap,i'am a time served slater with 30 years in the trade. You will need a complete new roof in a couple of years as they have just blasted the top protective coating from the tile and sprayed a thin layer of crap paint on!!!!!! This looks good for a year -ish then fails and 9/10 theyre out of buisness or changed theyre name and your stuffed.

  • Tim Buckley 1 year ago


  • Rob Green 1 year ago

    Trading Standards are investigating the claims of numerous firms like this!

  • rottenbot 1 year ago

    Not sure this is a good advert for your company, that pointing is shot!! and looks crap, aren't you so posed to replace broken tiles and re point before painting !!

  • paramatti1 1 year ago

    the helmet is important, but the risk of falls from height have no protection?