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A World Bank-supported water conservation project integrates agricultural and management aspects, not just technical measures, to address water use and to help change farmers’ behaviors in the provinces of Hebei, Shanxi and Ningxia in China. *** TRANSCRIPT: A World Bank-supported Project Helps Chinese Farmers Use Water More Efficiently 0:03 Chang Mingqi, Chief Engineer, China Irrigation and Drainage Development Center Water scarcity is a major constraint to China’s social, economic and environmental development. Agriculture accounts for about 60% of total water use in China. There is great potential to raise irrigation efficiency. Our traditional approach was to use less water. But the World Bank focuses on achieving more efficient water use and increasing farmers’ incomes, and protecting the environment. We have set up farmers’ water users associations that has raised farmers’ awareness on saving water and addressed the “last mile” issues in water management, water fee collection, and particularly in irrigation systems maintenance. 00:51 Youngzhai Village Water Users Association, Guantao County, Hebei It is irrigation time again. According to the association’s plan, we will discuss how to arrange the order of irrigation. To be fair, let us draw lots to decide who will go first. No.1 is for those households in the west part of the village; No.2 for those in the east part; No.3 for those in the south part. 01:12 Zhao Jiangang, Head of Youzhai Village Water Users Association It is indeed easier. It used to be messy. People argued and fought. Nobody wanted to give in. After we formed the water users association, such things do not happen anymore. 01:28 Wang Weirong, Villager of Youzhai In the past, when we watered crops, we had to carry pipes to the field and make long furrows. Two or three households worked together and we flooded the fields. It was very […]

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