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Harvested the last of my potatoes today, ‘Maris Piper’ & ‘Purple Majesty’. These were grown in the Root Pouch air pruning bags. It was ok results, probably would have been better if I had watered them better in the beginning. My only real complaint is the scab on them. What causes it and does it effect their storage? If you can answer those questions please leave your response in the comments, thanks! Follow me on Facebook – Here`s a quick update. I have got some pumpkins growing now. Organic remedy I use when I water at night. I do this to prevent powdery mildew and get rid of aphids and mites. 1 Tb baby oil 1 Tb plain baby oil 1 Tb baking soda When it is a dusky at sundown is the right time for this remedy. Make sure no sun rays are coming down or your plants will become toast. Stir into a cup of water and pour in a gallon sprayer. Fill with water to make one gallon of spray. Water plants well,wash down to leaves and then mist them. Next, grab the spray mixture and mist under and over all the leaves. It is only a extra minute or two step to your watering routine. The music is purchased license from Pond5. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsHome gardening (need help)Garden Update 2013 4 30 Container potato tomato update carrots warding off cucumber beetlesPrivate Lake Toxaway, NC Residence Green Roof – Project of the Week 9/8/14COMPLETE indoor Growing Tips and Help!Indoor Gardening help for YOU!Hydroponic Potato Reveal




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  • Diane Mumm Garden Videos 2 years ago

    beautiful pumpkins..

  • Karen Burch 2 years ago


  • ppitt5150 2 years ago

    Wow, and Wow!!! Great looking plants. Nice job.

  • Karen Burch 2 years ago

    I think they are Dickinson and good for pie filling. I planted 4 kinds Cinderella,Dickinson,Casper and Jack O Lantern.

  • Joel Malone 2 years ago

    Very nice! Your plants look so healthy. What kind of pumpkins are those?