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Soil-less farming is starting to take Kenya by storm especially with the depletion of fertile agricultural lands. Hydroponics Africa highlights the importance of this new method of agriculture. Video Rating: / 5 Planetside 2 TR Gameplay on Emerald: Insane moment! The NC tried a Max crash to breach the camp and resecure Ceres Hydrophonics. And I was at the right place at the right time when it hapenned! Crazy 12 killstreak in the middle of the scat maxes. I was using the Simpsons voice pack and the mega kill callout was perfect for this moment: “This is the greatest day in my life! I’m king of the world!!” lol Hope you enjoy! Light assault loadout: FA1 Barage Tx1 Repeater Jump jets Nanoweave armor Frag grenade x1 C4 x2 Regeneration Support the channel for more content ► Link to the Recursion voice pack collection: ——————————————————- Special thanks to our great supporters: Uncharter, Baggins, JXO, LeBVI, René Asmus, Luyi xu, ShadetheDruid, FHMNayles, Florian Weiss, Jamie Herzig, Yeglas, Oscarfiasco and Superdidom. You have my undying gratitude! ———————————————– _________MUSIC________ Music 1: Uprising by Rannard Sillard Link: __________________________________ ————————————————————————— Check out my blog here: Check out the best PS2 images here: Want to join my outfit? Check the NCIv subreddit: Check my private video playlist: Download the recursion stat tracker (Double kill, etc…: Want to play for free? Use this link to get more equipement! —————————————- -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: “HEAVY DAMAGE 22: Brain Farm (Planetside 2 Montage)” ➨ -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Related PostsThe Viara Academy Solar Power & Hydrophonics Garden ProjectSagar and Akant Taurani from Hydrophonics at startAD Fintech Venture Launchpadorganic farming-new rice strain discovery and hydrophonics farming in the philippines.AVIHydrophonics Fodder production in low cost Technology by N Rama Rao – Express TVsaguvidanam hydrophonics svvuHydrophonics

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  • Omamitzi 1 year ago


  • WaaWaa WeeWaa 1 year ago

    haha PHX.

  • Faxxon Defits 1 year ago

    What is your ping??

  • Tomy Saputra 1 year ago

    That was epiex moukass..gimme moar lol

  • GalderIncarnate 1 year ago

    Is there anything above "Extreme Menace Kill"? Moukass deserves a shoutout every time someone finally gets him lol.

  • X464XM 1 year ago

    Those NC Maxes with their shields made a pretty cool sight

  • DCDevTanelorn 1 year ago

    I think you would've lasted longer if you stayed up on that object. Of course, if your friends weren't reinforcing the room or at least throwing res grenades lasting longer maybe doesn't matter. 

  • Philipp Sander 1 year ago


  • Yacine54.1 goldolov 1 year ago

    whouahaaa, ça m'arrive à chaque fois des MAX CRASH sur Cobalt et moi, je les met des C4 ^^

  • Max Walsh 1 year ago

    +Moukass That was so epic, I remember being in that MAX Crash! You killed me at 0:57

  • Happy Goebbels 1 year ago

    ** I move away from the ground to breath in

  • Phosporen 1 year ago

    Hoe do u make your clips backwards

  • Grandmaster K 1 year ago

    Now that was an awesome vid

  • CosP0 ! 1 year ago

    On dirait une intervention de police xD

  • Paradoxe 1 year ago

    When people don't stay at spawn and decide to fight to glory this is what happens. #yolo

  • n3r0k 1 year ago


  • TheRogueWolf 1 year ago

    Were you not watching the minimap, Moukass? That was a very large crowd of angry triangles headed your way!

  • 7inuS 1 year ago

    I would rather say "Max Crush"