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Entry #403, Heirloom Tomatoes: Irregularly shaped, vividly colored fruits grown from the seeds of non-hybridized tomato plants, thereby standing apart from drab supermarket tomatoes, which are uniformly orange and spheroid. Still haven’t subscribed to Vanity Fair on YouTube? ►► CONNECT WITH VANITY FAIR Web: Twitter: Facebook: Pinterest: Google+: Instagram: Tumblr: Want even more? Subscribe to The Scene: Heirloom Tomatoes and Artisinal Food-The Snob’s Dictionary-Vanity Fair Photos and images courtesy of: Seed Savers Exchange: The Innocent Primate Vegan Blog: MinifarmBox: Daily Republic: Acorn Community: Sustainable Midlands: Fairfield Main Street Association: ARThound: Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsFive College Farms tour of the organic hydroponic heirloom tomato greenhousesPlanting my Garden in Straw #129 Heirloom Organic VegetableHuge Carrot Harvest #141 Heirloom Organic Vegetable GardenPlanting Heirloom Apple Trees on the Small Farm – The Farm Hand’s Companion Show, ep 72013 Growing An Heirloom Organic Vegetable Garden2013 Growing An Heirloom Organic Vegetable Garden

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  • Jeffrey Baughman 1 year ago

    I am a bearded neo-rustic who grows the best heirloom tomatoes.

  • Vadim Stetsyuk 1 year ago

    Don't forget Small Batch

  • 2ndRatePetronius 1 year ago


  • dev1lsadv0cate 1 year ago


  • laccanvas 1 year ago


  • slywlf 1 year ago

    Very true – unlike the extensively modified and cross-bred 'maters these beauties will breed true. Worth the time!!!

  • Sharon Reece 1 year ago

    Although the seeds do tend to be a bit more expensive, you only have to buy them once, then you can save your own and will never have to buy them again. I grow mostly heirlooms! Love them … check out my channel for more videos of heirlooms.

  • slywlf 1 year ago

    If you have any space – even just a sunny window or two – you can grow these tomatoes. The seeds are a little more expensive than regular but you don't need many, and they grow very well in containers. I've used 5 gallon plastic tubs scrounged from local ice cream parlors and delis – the buckets are used for stuff like ice cream mix, coleslaw etc, and are food grade so they won't leach nasty chemicals into your food. More food can be grown this way than you might think!

  • slywlf 1 year ago

    A good mix of real information and humor – well done 😉

  • Frog God 1 year ago

    i love mc-donalds, probably because im poor. i would LOOOVE to become more of a "food snob" because i love all food, but im pretty sure it would cost a, pretty penny.

  • Devora Clark 1 year ago

    I love Heirloom's and non GMO veggies. Can I join this club???

  • JoeWithTheGlasses 1 year ago

    I was trying to watch a 24-70mm three way lens review and this video came up before as an ad-stream ad or whatever. I watched it all, gotta say, good content. Subscribed.

  • Joy Jackson 1 year ago

    We have grown a lot of yellow tomatoes this year and they are delicious but maybe I need to try some of these other varieties next year!

  • Kirsty Hornblow 1 year ago

    We have grown a lot of yellow tomatoes this year and they are delicious but maybe I need to try some of these other varieties next year!

  • TheJoyce545 1 year ago

    thanks for the info.

  • Alta Editions 1 year ago

    Entertaining, sharp, and informative video from +Vanity Fair on Heirloom Tomatoes. 

  • Nancy Milligan 1 year ago


  • Bryce Chartwell 1 year ago

    I do hope you'll be featuring other heirloom foods in the future.

  • Vanity Fair 1 year ago