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Description I found something to review the other day, so here we go. ● ● ● Useful links: My plants after two weeks of neglect: Mutated Super-Flowering of a Succulent: Answering The Most Googled Succulent Questions: Q&A: ● ● ● Music: Swing by Peyruis Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported — CC BY 3.0… Music promoted by Audio Library ● ● ● Don’t forget to subscribe and turn on notifications! Social media: Subscribe to my other channel: Follow me on Instagram: Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsGardening with kids!! Installing our Greenes Fence Company 4′ x 8′ Cedar Raised Garden Kits!!KIDS Family Fun Summer Fun Activity GARDENING ~ DIY Planting Fun Ideas for Outside Things To DoClock Building kit Learning for kids, Family Fun Toy Opening Review for Kids Maxs Toy MagazineWater Park in the Garden Outdoor Amusement Playground for Kids Pool Toys Family FunFinger Family w Lion King Colours ! Learn Color Video for kids! Garden Kids TVLEARN COLORS Finger Family w Mammoth Coulors – ! Color Video for kids! Garden Kids TV

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  • Ibtihal El Fillahi 4 months ago


  • marcia jackson 4 months ago

    Please give us updates

  • KimboSlice 83 4 months ago

    Quit trying to act like Jenna! Just be yourself.

  • yuri1202826 4 months ago

    LMBO! You're videos are awesome.

  • Lion's Garden 4 months ago


  • Ynse Schaap 4 months ago

    You have way too much time on your hands 😉

  • FITZIEBLUE 4 months ago

    No Dragon Castle….but you carried on !

  • Sheislupe 4 months ago

    Omg… I love this!!! You're really funny

  • Corrine Wager 4 months ago


  • Rylan Mathis 4 months ago

    Zane! A cup of water is not a whole glass of water haha. They meant like cooking measuring cups

  • jordyn 4 months ago

    love your hair!!

  • Michael McCarthy 4 months ago

    Umm, a cup is a non-metric unit of measurement used in the US because our population is unable to switch to the system every other country in the world uses (gee, why do our students place dead last among developed nations in science? hmm). Sorry, random rant. Anyway, what you ended up pouring in was probably closer to 4 cups of water. And you're going to be pulling out a lot of baby cacti, you planted like 100 seeds!

  • Lilly Bee 4 months ago

    Thanks for all the laughs……..

  • Robobin 4 months ago

    You had better be giving us an update on this beautiful piece of art!

  • Denise's Orchid Paradise 4 months ago

    what was the age group recommended for this toy! I hope it was inexpensive, did you have fun ?

  • Robert Forrest 4 months ago

    Are you that Bored??? Your such a Nut, love it!