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Purple Kush grown in bucket huydroponics. Massiva roots develope in this documented grow in less than 22 days. Flower began Nov 12th, this video is from that timeline. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsHydroponic Medical Marijuana Grow – Sour Diesel – OG Kush – G-13 Day 38OG Kush, Purple Urkel Hydroponic DWC Grow, CFL Part 2Bloomspect led lights Hydroponic weed Grow closet Grand daddy purple and Banana KUSH Indoor grow.Rooting Hydroponic Clones, Medical Marijuana Grow – 07 – Indoor garden Hydroponic and organic600 watt HPS Grow Tent Marijuana Hydroponics Purple Jems Buds Auto Flower weed indoor potHome Made Hydroponics Marijuana Weed Indoor Grow Kit 600 watt HPS Autoflower Purple Jems

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  • Join ailes 4 years ago

    can you use kratky

  • dave9074 4 years ago

    30 seconds my ass

  • CB7ism 4 years ago

    completely useless video for anyone wanting to know HOW to get healthy roots.

  • Clark Kent 4 years ago

    my roots look brownish but not like root rot is it normal for the nutrients to make them look a little brownish? please watch my video and lemme know what you think? thanks!

  • Adam Wilson 4 years ago

    I was told before that a home depot bucket leeches oils into the plant 

  • MrGillystar 4 years ago

    how close the roots to the water should they be or does the roots grow in the water. i'm lost!

  • Bob Ghanja 4 years ago

    How much yeild is there on plants like these?  I'm about to start a grow of my own, and I keep seeing pictures of different grow setups where the plants get like 6 feet tall, meanwhile the guy in this vid says his are tall, but only on the first day of flowering.  Does most of the growth happen during flowering process? Honestly I don't see growing my own to be worth it unless the yield is well-over 1lb per plant, for all the additional costs involved with hydro vs soil

  • Jim Ezzo 4 years ago

    What are you using for nutes?? I'm using fox farm and its turning them at tan/brownish color.

  • Jon Yodice 4 years ago

    are most of the roots submerged under water the whole time?  im new to dwc, havent started yet since my seeds still havent popped, and I just cant seem to find any info about whether or not the roots in dwc are constantly submerged.  we you star a seedling, do you have to fill your bucket all the way up so it will submerge the bottom of the net pot?

  • Basia Hales 4 years ago

    I also have the comprehensive step-by-step video directions teaching how to build your own homemade Aquaponics system. Its so easy that even your grandma is able to do it

  • rodney haire 4 years ago

    this is going to be a 25 40 second video lolololo

  • eric b 4 years ago

    I grow in an aeroponic set up and last grow my girl got root rot…I've heard small amount of bleach in water? Has this ever happened to you?

  • LeeeChum 4 years ago

    brew your own teas! go all organic! real organic!!! feed the microbes!

  • SDdayze 4 years ago

    use H2O2 once a week or when you notice the roots darkening or I use beneficial enzymes

  • Mike D 4 years ago

    I cant get my roots white like that 🙁

  • cody wise 4 years ago

    you should clip you shade leafs after branches are over a inch long

  • Leslie J. Colon 4 years ago

    Thanks for your movie.
    Also, I have some guidelines to grows up to 10 x the plants, in half time, with much healthier plants, while the "fish" do all the work…”
    Take a look at the following web site for more info:

  • xavier morton 4 years ago

    Anyone heard of stump tea? my roots look like the pics i am impressed! all ryzomorphic

  • remi keith 4 years ago

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