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  • Paul Lewis 5 months ago

    natural sugars in moderation!

  • Paul Lewis 5 months ago

    there 's so many walking around that look really sick! "from bad diet" and no faith,

  • Paul Lewis 5 months ago

    I grow all my  vegetables herbs, mangos, banana , some bush foods Australian bush food like wild plums wild garlic eat garlic every day great antioxidant

  • Paul Lewis 5 months ago

    make a green house!!  "get a group together so you can grow food in the winter "

  • Paul Lewis 5 months ago

    vitamin c,  antioxidants , ginseng,

  • Paul Lewis 5 months ago

    fruit! herbs, vegetables , grow your own food berries not process food  god wants you to grow food

  • Sia Roze 5 months ago

    Thank you 3 so much, this was such an enjoyable, encouraging & informative video! God bless you all. Lots of love from London ✨

  • Joalan Pinto 5 months ago

    Great video! A shot glass of juiced cannabis or wheatgrass or aloe vera first thing in the morning does wonders to the body and mind.Two teaspoons of unsulphured blackstrap organic molasses in boiled spring water. One teaspoon of black cumin seeds. I am a big believer in the 1 meal a day diet. Ketosis and daily intermittent fasting has done amazing things to both my body and mind over the years. Tap into that genetic potential, Sisters! The body is not made up of 65% water, it is made up of plasma. I do not believe in the 7 cups plus of water consumption a day pseudoscience. You want to keep those beneficial minerals and vitamins in the blood. Definitely avoid the fluoridated water, and drink in accordance with your thirst.

  • Hannah Forsberg 5 months ago

    I want to get on Juice Plus!!!!!! I've looked into it over time since I first heard of it through Lea! I'm not quite done watching yet so sorry if u explain in the end…but I think I'd love to sell Juice Plus myself! I know so many health nuts and family as well as myself with medical issues that would benefit alot!! what's the dealio on being a distributer?

  • WeRwaiting 5 months ago

    I uses 3 juice plus products!! It has improved my health! The tower is next!

  • TJK V 5 months ago


  • Antionette B 5 months ago

    Really enjoyed the chat! Looking forward to the next one.

  • Hannah Forsberg 5 months ago

    I missed the link too 🙁

  • Gary 828 5 months ago

    Lea, get James to try the Juice Plus to see if it grows back hair; if so, i'll buy some. 🙂

  • Liberty Star 5 months ago

    Sorry I missed you guys.

  • crbud01 5 months ago

    Did I miss the link?