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BRISTOL GREEN CAPITAL PARTNERSHIP HEALTHY CITY WEEK Recorded by Ecomedia Collective cic as part of Healthy City Week in October 2015, this lecture was hosted by The Portland Centre for Integrative Medicine (PCIM). ABOUT DR. BIRD Dr William Bird MBE is a family GP who founded Intelligent Health to provide ways to integrate physical activity into health and wellbeing, from Green Gyms and GP training to whole city physical activity strategies. Through Intelligent Health, he has been commissioned by cities in the UK and the EU, as well as by the World Health Organisation in the Middle East, to help develop physical activity strategies. THE LECTURE In this lecture Dr Bird explained how contact with nature can affect our brains and why being inactive is the single most dangerous thing we can do. He outlined all the damage we do in every cell in our body when we live and act without contact with nature or when we are isolated and lonely. He then explained how we can reverse this damage both as an individual and as a community ABOUT THE PORTLAND CENTRE PCIM supports an integrative medicine approach to health, Integrative Medicine (IM) is a holistic, evidence-based approach which makes intelligent use of all available therapeutic choices to achieve optimal health and resilience for people. IM includes conventional medical therapies delivered alongside lifestyle and mind-body techniques like mindfulness, yoga and tai chi to improve health and wellbeing. Related PostsCreating Healthy Cities through Service DesignWorld Health Organization’s International Healthy City Conference ICC BelfastChasing Health with a New Vital Sign in a Healthy City | Peter Sneed | TEDxTraverseCityHealthy Mind Healthy City – Part One, “What is Mental Health?”Bristol Healthy City WeekHealthy Mind Healthy City – Part Three, “Supporting People with Mental Health Challenges”

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