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Stay on top of the Greenroof & Greenwall World by subscribing here: Singapore has been actively greening its urban landscape for many years with sky gardens, living walls, and world-class gardens. The Housing & Development Board (or HDB) is Singapore’s public housing authority and today, more than 80% of the population is living in HDB’s 1 million plus flats in 23 towns across the island. Punggol is located in the northeast region of Singapore, and was developed to be its first eco-town. The HDB Block 667B is a retrofit of three highrise residential blocks at the Punggol housing estate whose rooftop equipment and piping had been covered by a “second” roof of sorts. Made of large concrete tiles, they were laid in shingled fashion, and the Town Council wanted to cover them with greenery to improve visual appeal and reduce interior temperature. Because the only access to the 23rd floor rooftop was up one staircase from the elevator, plus the equipment obstacles, the project required a system that was light and clean to transport and easy and quick to install, with minimal maintenance in the long term. Designed and installed by Xero Flor Singapore, the mineral wool-based XF309 Light buildup now covers the large concrete shingles. Perfect for retrofits, the roll format, soil-less system weighs only 33 kilograms per square meter or 6.6 pounds per square foot when fully saturated, one of the lightest weight systems on the market. The pre-vegetated Xeroflor mats contain small low-profile tropical succulents including Sedum sarmentosum, three types of Portulaca, and Plectranthus prostratus. Pre-grown in local nurseries to a minimum vegetation coverage of 80%, they provide an instant green effect with seasonal visual interests. Shade cloth was used to cover the entire green roof initially to allow the plants to root firmly into the […]

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