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“Growing your own food is like printing your own money.” Ron Finley We provide knowledge, tools and tips to help you and your family to have easy, successful gardens, making it affordable for every family to eat delicious and healthier foods. On December 27, 2014, Nancy was diagnosed with colon cancer and having been blessed to be healed, we felt called to encourage and inspire families to get healthier throughout the world. We feel privilege to be called upon to empower, teach and inspire you and your family to create your own homestead (even in the city). Our channel is focus on successful gardening, which is to produce healthier abundant harvest, healthy cooking and homesteading. We incorporate the most important part of organic gardening, to make the harvest healthier, by (using Non-GMO seeds and plants, and being careful to avoid pesticides and herbicides). We also use modern products and tools to make gardening easy, affordable, convenient, abundant, and quick. Hollis loves and enjoys gardening since he was 8 years old. He inherited the love of gardening from his granddad who had a 300 acre farm in Georgia and in the past own a large successful landscaping business for over 7 years. Realizing, every day is a gift from God, we are seeking to live a more simplistic life but most importantly to appreciate and enjoy life each day. Subscribe to YouTube Channel: Hollis and Nancy’s Homestead Facebook: get the latest updates, alerts, tips and trick! Accept our invitation, come check out our channel, if you like what you see, subscribe (to get the latest episodes) and Like to inspire and encourage us. Become a part of our Homestead family. Also like our Facebook page to get the latest updates, alerts, tips and tricks, but most importantly share in […]

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  • winddmmy 2 years ago


  • Michelle Moore 2 years ago

    I just love your videos I look forward to learning something new everyday and last year the squirrels ate my garden they thought it was a salad bar all my baby corns I tried not to cry so much work all gone in one snack love your videos can't wait to try the pie tins we use chicken wire didn't seem to slow down squirrels apparently my squirrels are much smarter than yours LOL

  • Edwin Thompson 2 years ago

    its true we own a Jack Russel bitch called stella nowt comes into our garden while stellas there she puts the fear of god into cats. squirrels . rabbits rats crows you name it she hates it even large white motor vans public school buses motercycles yet she loves going to the local park in the car because she knows she can chase squirrels anyway god be with you all ed

  • Edwin Thompson 2 years ago

    hi there Hollis pardon me for being nosy but you are Chaplain yea my Uncle was a Chaplain in the Army during the First World War in France .my father was born in 1899 my mother in 1903 i myself born 1941 my brother was 20 years older than me when i was born he was in the Airforce in England flyin B17s=B19s he was a pilot god be with you and Nancy god bless Ed

  • Darlene Breeding 2 years ago

    Thank You so much for this tip on keeping squirrels out of garden. You both are such a Blessing

  • Edwin Thompson 2 years ago

    forgot to say i was talkin about pole beans sorryed

  • Edwin Thompson 2 years ago

    hi and good day to you Hollis readin the replys you have received . start each seed in a 3in pot in good potting compost when they are 5=6ins tall they will have tenderals just a little tip ed

  • Lukrécia Macskássy 2 years ago

    Thank you so much for the tips. I would have never thought about these simple solutions. I live in Barrie, Ontario and we have millions of squirrels and raccoons, plus my neighbor has a bird feeding station and attracts lots of birds. This is the firs year I will try planning vegetables. Last year the squirrels ate all my flowers and even tipped over many of my containers on a regular bases.

  • patdthomas 2 years ago

    I'm definitely going to use your pie tin trick to keep the birds off my tomatoes this year. Thanks for the tip!

  • Melody Barlow 2 years ago

    Hi. My yard borders a state park (Hillsborough, NC). I have a lot of deer coming through. Great soil, not too hilly or rocky: perfect gardening except for the deer. They eat almost everything I plant. They even clean out my bird feeders. Do you have any suggestions for detering deer (if you address this in another video, I apologize.) Thanks for all the information. You and Mrs. Nancy give me hope that I can garden again!

  • Jeremiah Kemnitz 2 years ago

    you have a beautiful garden

  • Shelly Poore 2 years ago

    Lol loved the intro

  • jack dula 2 years ago

    she needs to make another pie in that pan lol

  • Frugal Patriot 2 years ago

    Thanks for the great advice : ) I'm hoping to do some gardening for the first time this year.

  • Caitlin Fenner 2 years ago

    Any tips and tricks for deer repellant? Planning out my first garden in the spring/summer and we have a ton of deer that hang out in the yard! I don't want all the hard work to go to waste.

  • arkbluewolf11 2 years ago

    I wonder if wind chimes will work?

  • Billy Pressley 2 years ago

    ok thanks

  • Billy Pressley 2 years ago

    I really love your videos. it's all about gardens. some other people's videos show them going to the grocery store and everything they buy. not about the garden. so keep up the good work. thanks for all the knowledge.

  • Monica Kang 2 years ago

    Great video! So smart. I'm so glad I found your channel. I'm planing to start gardening this year and I can learn a lot from your videos. Thank you!