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On track to become a LEED ND Platinum community, Hassalo on Eighth transformed an underdeveloped area – previously a vast parking lot – into a vibrant, eco-friendly, 24-hour residential development just minutes from downtown Portland. Designed by GBD Architects and encompassing four blocks with 657 sustainable luxury units in east Portland Oregon’s Lloyd Eco-District, the three buildings offer over 50,000 square feet of retail space, 1,200 below-grade parking stalls, and a Bike Hub with over 1,000 bike stalls. The integration of multiple green roofs covering over 38,000 square feet and the largest onsite urban wastewater treatment facility in North America were key components. A significant refund on system development charges was provided by the city as a result of the innovative water management design elements.

The state-of-the-art urban redevelopment encompasses three new multifamily housing buildings of varying density. Extensive greenroofs by Columbia Green Technologies cover 25,650 square feet planted with sedum tiles using their Extensive Layered System. Roof terraces on the Velomor and Elwood Building provide amenity space for the residents and barbeques for entertaining. The project’s greenroofs reduce peak flows during large rain events by retaining stormwater, preventing stormwater flows from overwhelming the system. The entire development, along with an existing office tower, is connected to the decentralized treatment and reuse system N.O.R.M., short for Natural Organic Recycling Machine. Designed by Biohabitats in collaboration with GBD Architects, Glumac, and PLACE Studio, N.O.R.M. is a prominent feature in the main plaza. It treats and recycles 100% of the grey and black water onsite through a series of trickling filters and constructed wetlands, diverting approximately 47,000 gallons of wastewater from the municipal sewer system daily. Due to these cutting edge stormwater management strategies, the owner/developer American Assets Trust received a refund of the water and sewer fees totaling .48 million, almost half of the City’s three million dollar charge.

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Hassalo on Eighth – Project of the Week 4/11/16

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