Haryana के किसान भाइयों का कमाल | अपनी छत पर Aeroponic तकनीक से उगा दिया केसर | Saffron Cultivation

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Haryana के किसान भाइयों का कमाल | अपनी छत पर Aeroponic तकनीक से उगा दिया केसर | Saffron Cultivation

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  • C Nzanthung Odyuo

    Wish they can go little detail on the process of planting till harvest because it will boost economy for india

  • Vinay Batra

    Sir agar aap berozgaaro ke liye kuch krna he chahte ho to jo interview mein btaya hai, uski practical video bhi bnaaiye. Tabhi logo ko kuch fayda hoga.

  • Shri Deena organic farm

    Jankari hi di thi to process bhi bataye wo to kiya nahi marketing jarur kar li ,log aa sake apse training lene ke liye

  • Josh Place

    They are really thin plastic but it works amazingly well u guys should give it chance before doggin it out it takes all the work out of it just cut dip and put in the turbo cloner

  • Josh Place

    I ordered one and didn't get my dang dome with it I got everything else but the dome wth is up with that do u have to special order the clear dome or wat?

  • Grown in seconds

    Is the threaded part on the manifold cheap/easily broken like on the regular turbo klone systems?

  • Growing Together

    I can build 280 site cloner 1 pump the only difference is how it looks it dont look as professional sure you can build MASSIVE CLONERS AND ALL BUT THEY LOOK CLUNKY THEY DONT LOOK PROFESSIONAL LIKE THIS DOES

    I will sell my cloner plans to 70 people for 10 dollars and buy one.

  • funk0515

    Going to order one to do a video on setting up plants as well as a 30 day start to finish rooting review. I've seen a few comments on price being too high, but this is a commercial unit which means it's an investment. The smaller more cost effective and budget friendly units are perfectly priced for home growers.

  • liquid ambar

    It really pays to make this yourself. You can easily make a superior cloner with better quality parts, thermostat heating and aeration for a lot less money.

  • Phonesack Souvannavong

    Highly recommend to anyone. Absolutely dumby proof. Flustering , i couldnt get my ph properly set. Left it under 5.3 water dirty ah. Cuttings half dead from the heat sat soaking over 8 hrs waiting for me to set up. Said fuck this. Just threw them in . Next day. Roots. Lol. Good thing oxyclone dont know how to run a buisness amd always out of stock cause i had my heart set on them. So glad i got this instead

  • Rohan Plantboy James

    I have a turbo and filled it 12 days ago but they still look the same. No nodes just reg stem. I have used TK's a lot but this batch of Afghani is not doing a thing. Same method I always use although less light. But no results. I have to get rid of theses 60 clones buy third week of November so starting to get worried.

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