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See us harvest our Onions, and see a few onions we overwintered. Also we pull up our Potatoes, Garlic, Shallots, and a few smaller-sized tomatoes. Lean from a few of our errors for a better harvest next year! REMINDER: This is an all 100% organically grown vegetable garden Harvested on May 24, 2014 © Brandon Marshall. All rights reserved. Any unauthorized broadcasting, public performance, copying or re-recording will constitute an infringement of copyright. John from interviews Ken Rohla about Chemtrails. In this episode John encourages you to have an open mind to hear more about this controversial subject. During this episode you will learn things like how you may be able to remediate chemtrails and other toxins in your garden. Finally after watching this episode hopefully you will have more awareness about this potential problem and some safe and effective ways to deal with it. Learn more about Special Guest, Ken Rohla at his web site: Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsVegetable Garden РHarvesting OnionsHow to Successfully Grow Potatoes РOrganic Vegetable GardeningTomatoes Growing Tips with Organic Soil in Vegetable GardenHow To Plant Tomatoes & Peppers into Raised Bed Vegetable Garden in Arizona РOrganic Gardening TipsBountiful Harvest in the Organic Vegetable GardenVegetable Gardening: Growing Onions РHow to Grow Onions

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  • verjie omnes 8 months ago

    i think you just harvested your onions too early.

  • Kristin MORRIS 8 months ago

    the flowers are incredible. so delis!

  • Marcy RP 8 months ago

    Seems like people who DON'T live in Texas, think that since we have such a long "summer" that we can grow longer. BUT, Texas weather (at least where I am) is BRUTAL for growing most vegetables. I'm definitely giving up summer gardening in favor of fall to VERY early spring plantings. Thanks for sharing your successful and NOT so successful crops; that's how we learn to work around whatever our climates throw at us, huh?

  • Jennifer Cooper 8 months ago

    Yea I am sure you guys learned from this one. But those onions werent done. Their stalks will fall over when they are ready…. I love your guys videos

  • Amber Weitner 8 months ago

    my first garden of tomato plants and lettuce have turned out pretty well. i live in Garland. I'd love to chat with you and your wife about gardening and storing. maybe get your opinion on where I should put some of my beds. id really like to expand my garden this fall.

  • RQ Man 8 months ago

    To Ma To

  • MBGC Combo 8 months ago

    Do you know or what do you suggest is the latest you can plant potatoes ( early variaties like red norland )in Central Illinois thx

  • Lauren lovesAri 8 months ago

    Beautiful Chickens

  • Lessycurls Bennett 8 months ago

    love your videos!!!

  • Andrew Parsons 8 months ago

    Even with the weeds you have a beautiful garden man! I subscribed. I would've let those onions go a little longer though, the potatoes too even. Thanks for the video.

  • Ssupermom12000 8 months ago

    you need to hill up your potatoes as they grow and when top tops die off completely dig them for a huge crop of potatoes. my husband has been growing them here in Vermont for years.

  • jrsbaby741 8 months ago

    Putting some more sand in ur potatoe beds works wonders!

  • L Warren 8 months ago

    Your onions are fine, just pulled them too early. Push the tops over after about a month and they will create huge bulbs. Also wait until the tops die down to pull them. I mulch mine to keep weeds out (when you mulch it only takes a couple of minutes to weed). I like your videos.

  • pantherus6951 8 months ago

    I think you pulled the onions a little early. Next time wait if you can till the tops turn brown.

  • Lo kins 8 months ago

    I waited for all my vines and stems to die off on onions and potatoes and I had lg onions and a great yield on Potatoes..

  • Ruta S 8 months ago

    Onions generally are ready to pull when the leaves start going yellow.. So maybe just leave them in a little longer?

  • Liz H 8 months ago

    The weather sure did play a major role… but also, to me, it looks like the soil was very compact, not giving the veggies room to grow (either that, or as some have said, harvested too early- especially with the winter weather well into april in texas this year). Additionally, it might be the angle of the camera, but these plants look VERY close together-fighting for nutrients… and it looks almost like nobody was tending the garden to remove runners, prune and eliminate weeds. Best of luck next year! ūüôā

  • kittensugars 8 months ago

    Very interesting, Thx for the vid.¬† We are just starting a 4×12 raised bed, and I plan to cover it much of the time, as pollutants are always raining down.¬† I think maybe your potatoes might have liked a bit looser soil, so they have room to get bigger.¬† Thx again. best of luck with your lovely organic garden!

  • frijebai 8 months ago

    When did you plant the potatoes?

  • tama yeager gibson 8 months ago

    can't have this video have 66x comments. mine makes 667. there that's better

  • Laurie Hilliard 8 months ago

    People continue being ignorant and believe there is no way "our government" would do such horrible things. Meanwhile, they are killing us. The fact that the host keeps saying "alleged" or "conspiracy"………………SMDH Wake up.

  • Aaron Anderson 8 months ago

    Great video guys!

  • Julie Phelps 8 months ago

    I would add you have to be careful where you get your sea weed if from the Pacific it may now be very irradiated. I know coming from and area where there was a nuclear accident in the 1950s (Windscale England) even now sea weed is found to be 1000 times normal levels for radiation levels. So any seaweed is highly toxic if exposed to radiation it absorbs it.

  • Julie Phelps 8 months ago

    I wonder about the Chem trail buster does it destroy ordinary clouds along with Chem trails clouds. No good if it destroys both?

  • Patrick Harper 8 months ago

    I'm glad to see this video on your channel… Thank You!

  • Fygee 8 months ago

    Lol, chemtrails. Seriously guys?

    Do you have actual scientific proof that your vegetable garden has actual contaminants from anything that could be potentially related to things falling from the sky?

    I've known people that have flown planes in the air force. They laugh their butts off at people who believe this nonsense.

  • silt sunrise 8 months ago

    Anyone who does a modicum of research would know that chemtrails are real. I defy anyone to find me a photograph from a published source from the 50s, 60s, 70s, or 80s showing skies full of criss crossed, expanding contrails or chemtrails like we see in the sky today. I will literally pay you 100 euros for each one. Email me with a link to any such picture with the publishing date, along with your paypal account info.
    Now…energy vortex devices? That, I have to see to believe. ūüôā

  • Tj Glen 8 months ago

    Thank you John, this is my first concern as Im starting new beds this spring. It didn't make sense for me to grow all this food when we live in a high spray area.

  • francesca27545 8 months ago

    @Lean Organic Gardening at GrowingYourGenes –¬† Putting Zeolite in your soil is not the entire answer to removing chemicals and heavy metals from chemtrails because they also remove minerals in the soil as well!!!!¬† I noticed this when I began adding Zeolite to our cats' water as per the instructions on the Zeolite container and within weeks their coloured fur began turning white.¬† After I stopped adding Zeolite to their water their fur began returning to their natural colour.¬† Furthermore, Chemtrails are not a conspiracy but a fact, because the moment they began spraying them in our country at night I began waking with huge raised and itchy skin rashes and coughing and vomiting particles I had inhaled as I slept, which had blocked my lungs and causing me respiratory problems.¬† Other people in our area also started experiencing the same problem and were constantly calling an ambulance which arrived without their siren, and many people have since come down with bacterial infection, inflammation with iron in them, non-alcoholic fatty liver, re-occurring paralysis etc. every time the re-spray.Yes.¬† You can confirm that Chemtrails are being sprayed and what effect they are having on your body by having a blood test, if you are¬†unaware of other¬†physical symptoms you are displaying.¬† However,¬†you can also do a Saliva Test at home where you collect saliva in your mouth¬†and hold it for 5 – 15 minutes as you continue to inhale through your nose.¬† This allows the heat from your mouth and warm saliva to melt the super small nano size particles to a point where they enlarge in size and become visible to the eye.¬†¬†If you then leave the container till the next day you will find that those chemical particulates have completely dissolved and separated from the clear saliva, and you can then detect the disgusting chemical odour in them.¬† If you then pour this in a glass jar and keep it somewhere for a month or so you will find that the chemicals have completely dissolved and mixed with the clear saliva, and that it has turned into a burgundy colour, similar to the "Rivers Having Turned Red" around the world in recent times.By the way, Seaweeds are also not good at removing chemtrails from soil because they are contaminated with Mercury, Petrolium¬†and Radiation. Nor is manure any good¬†for the replacement of¬†minerals lost in the soil, since¬†they are vaccinating animals intended for food consumption and feeding cows urea and chickens GMO seeds etc..¬† Therefore, as you can see, this problem needs to be dealt with at its root cause, which is, to stop the spraying of chemtrails, to stop vaccinations of animals for food consumption, and to stop Monsanto from forcing Farmers to buy their GMO Seeds which are¬†destroying human and animal DNA and causing disruptions to¬†the endocrine system which are leading to¬†other health complications.

  • Melyna Kneph 8 months ago

    You left out that chem-trail ingredients are you in holographic image science ūüėČ as the head scientists in these fields have duly noted & sent out the info for the rest of us.

  • WisconsinEric 8 months ago

    I much prefer the term "Man Made Clouds" over the term "Chemtrails".¬† Truth is we do not know what each man made cloud consists of… some may be seawater sprayed from jet planes, and some may be the chemicals and metals you speak of.¬† Some may even be contrails, but they are all man made.

    For the "deniers" claiming they are harmless contrails, I would like to point out that water vapor is a more potent Greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide!

    In fact NASA had this to say back in 2004… "Research studies show that increasingly persistent jet contrails may turn into man made clouds or white haze that are trapping warmth in the atmosphere and are exacerbating Global Warming."

  • shopperoo99 8 months ago

    I don't get it. Why do you have to spend money to create a green house or special vortex just to keep your food clean when those stuff aren't supposed to be sprayed in the first place? Maybe it's better to get to the root and stop the spraying instead of having to find a band aid to temporarily fix the side effect?

  • Carol Freiberg 8 months ago

    Thanks for the truth. Maybe people will finally wake up.

  • Edouard Prest 8 months ago

    I just lost almost all faith in your knowledge of gardening the second you made a video about chemtrails.

  • Oleg Teplyakov 8 months ago

    How do we know that bad particles are removed from body? Like seaweed does it but is not that just a trading? Do the blood tests show the change?

  • Samanta Nicol 8 months ago

    glad he's shareing his wisdom with us.
    its really a priveleg
    when thinges get really hard, contamination seeps through to us.. some people that thought this video was rubbish, will be trying to remember what where those elements again??
    l always knew, crystals where powerfull..its high science)) if you want to learn real, science in action these elements are the real deal. or add in your own. don't need a sneaky scientist in a lab, to tell me whats going on.everyone be your own scientist…go on your own.find out what the worlds about. without some one Elses interpretation…unfiltered truth…
    makes me feel hopefull…!!! yes l can protect my land, my animals and garden.

  • Melo Last 8 months ago

    Great video! Thank you ūüôā¬† Much appreciated.

  • Drahcir Casey 8 months ago

    Don't forget the tin foil hats.