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In this Video our horticulturist Dr. Natalie Bumgarner explains the different techniques for harvesting lettuce out of a CropKing NFT channel. For more information on commercial hydroponic production visit us at or on facebook at Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsHarvesting Hydroponic Bibb LettuceBibb lettuce, organic hydroponics and duckweed.Hydroponic How To: lettuce productionHarvesting and regrowing Hydroponic CeleryHydroponics Commercial Farming – Hydroponic LettuceHow its Made Hydroponic Lettuce

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  • DARPA Thailand 8 months ago

    Nice and cute girl.

  • Dagoberto Felix Polonia 8 months ago

    Hello thanks ! and nice video!! i have a question.. I see iceberg lettuce in the other side how and thats a NFT systems so.. Is possible to grow iceberg lettuce in the NFT.. o.O i didnt know ! 😀

  • Uldis Stepins 8 months ago

    thank you for sharing this video
    how long does this lettuce grow and how many grams avarage per head does it yield?
    thank you one more time

  • Carla D 8 months ago

    WHY isn't the U.S. government giving tax incentives to organic hydroponic farmers instead of forcing high pesticide GMOs down our throat?

  • Jeff Sprague 8 months ago

    Just got my Channels a few weeks ago. Lettuce is looking great! What would you suggest EC/PPM to be for lettuce?

  • crazyoldman 8 months ago

    I wonder if those lettuces can be moved even closer together to increase throughput for fixed space

  • الفجر القادم 8 months ago

    Very beautiful and you are the most beautiful business

  • Chan Chan 8 months ago

    can you mute the music?

  • Casondra Clawson 8 months ago

    this video is really well made!

  • Somi Nuta 8 months ago

    The disadvantage of hydroponics is you have to shop for "plant food" or nutrients and supplements which are high-priced.

  • dimitriosart 8 months ago

    Great to see a manufacturer explaining or demoing their system. Question: which boston lettuce seeds where used shown in this video? Where can we buy this one?

  • levenAR23 8 months ago

    What's her name? nice & interesting video

  • happytrigger 8 months ago

    Nice lettuce, where can I buy those "disposable" crisper?

  • Colby Edwards 8 months ago

    We have this system. It is outstanding and Cropking has been great to work with.

  • Jesus Rodriguez 8 months ago

    What is the average price sold per lettuce in your local market using a hydroponic system? And is it cost efficient?

  • Wilko Inaka 8 months ago

    nice and tricky… good job 🙂