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  • Sunita Sinha 9 months ago

    Nice idea. thanks

  • Little Garden 9 months ago

    Sir I really love your kitchen gardening and I also doing gardening just like you but I need your help sir please tell me our whatsapp no ???

  • Zain Malik 9 months ago

    Izahar bhai "Chinese Aloe Vera" ke bare me video banaey

  • shahid khan 9 months ago

    izhar bhai Moringa plant pr ek video banaye please

  • sadhna's Terrace Garden 9 months ago

    nic video

  • kanwarjit sidhu 9 months ago

    Nothing wrong with it. useful info

  • Raja aslamoalikum 9 months ago

    ager aap glason ko hi us ke sath setpel ker dete tu bhater tha

  • Raja aslamoalikum 9 months ago

    ase idias utube main bhat hain kuch niya kro bhai atif

  • Mohammed Abubakar 9 months ago

    laa jawaab mahmood bhai

  • Gurdev765 9 months ago


  • Adil ad 9 months ago

    izhar bahi is ki waja se ap ka channel karab ho raha ha .. baki ap ki marzi

  • Mohammad Aashif 9 months ago

    kya hum peace lili ko cow dung de sakte h agar ha to kitni

  • Manjushree Sardana 9 months ago

    Nice imagination

  • nida chaudhary 9 months ago

    nice video but ye jaldi se toot jayega bht nazzook hai ye.

  • Anees Khan 9 months ago

    Bhai jis se botel jode ho us k baare me nahi batay aor podhe ko dispozr se likal kar kiu nhi lagay

  • Plants & Life 9 months ago

    awesome idea.woh

  • Talhah Khan 9 months ago

    happy shabe barat

  • Kim 22 9 months ago

    sir pot mai kon se bail lgga sktay hae jo jalai sae dewaro par chadh jati hae

  • Aman tulsian 9 months ago

    nice video

  • Christ Julius 9 months ago

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