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To see the entire post visit us at Original Angled Planter Boxes Video: These hanging vertical planter boxes were an idea I came up with when I was building my angled planter boxes that were to be placed along our back fence. These are just as easy to build but do require little more hardware such as eye hooks, S hooks, some chain and maybe a couple of additional 1×2 pieces of furring to drive in the ground in order to stabilize the bottom in high wind areas. Related PostsDIY Verticle Hanging Bottle Tower Garden (New)2016Hanging Planters For Outdoor & Indoor Plants With Decorative Baskets & Hanger HooksHanging Wall PlantersEarly Spring Plants Series: Planters, Wall Bags, and Hanging BasketsDIY: How to Make a Hanging Wall Shelf//DIY Marbled PlantersHanging Wall Planters Hanging Planters Recycling Ideas Hanging Pot Kese Bnain

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