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Hanging Tree pot | Hanging Planter Vase at Home | Decorative Showpiece for Home Decor//GREEN PLANTS. Making this creative and trendy stylish hanging planter pot is very easy with low cost and stronger long life cement planter/pot. This Handmade hanging Decor planter/pot is perfect for any plants for indoor or outdoor and also suitable for home and office. And also perfect Gift for gardeners and garden lovers.This stylish pot adds a modern touch to our living room, enter way or office places. Hanging decor pot for unique spaces or as a planter showpiece. Fresh Modern look for hall areas or as a centerpiece in Enterway, indoor living area or porch. Simple handmade design Home decorations for your favorite plants & succulents and creative & colorful way to bring your garden indoors for the kitchen, hallway,living room or office or working places. Making this modern decorative planter takes about a day to dry, but it looks really cool and stylish and infinitely cheaper than buying the costly hanging pots or Ceramic planters from shops. The centella Asiatica (gota kola vareity)”Lucky Leaves” plant has fresh green leaves and fits in almost living room or working places. Material to make this creative hanging planter – A balloon – Some Jute cloth – White cement – Water FOR MORE: Website: facebook:- instagram:- twitter:- pinterest:- G+:- ALL VIDEOS PLAYLISTS BONSAI: HOW TO GROW MONEY PLANT: BOUGAINVILLEA BONSAI: COCONUT BONSAI: EASY BONSAI GROWING TIPS: YOU CAN START BONSAI: LUCKY BAMBOO IDEAS: HOME GARDEN IDEAS: FLOWER GARDEN: BONSAI AT HOME: UPDATE VIDEOS: AIRLAYRING & GRAFTING: Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsBest Wall Hanging Planter & Gate Decoration Planter | shelf decorative Planters Ideas//GREEN PLANTS8 Wall Hanging Indoor Gardening/Tree Plantation with Plastic Bottles | Hanging Tree Pot /Vase DIYWall Hanging Flower Pot/Decorative Flower Vase Showpiece/DIY Wall Hanging […]

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