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Plants in Order : 1. String of Pearls Senecio String of Pearls 2. Donkey Tail Burro Tail Donkey Tail 3. Stressed Donkey Tail Stressed Donkey Tail Stressed Burros Tail 4. Rat Tail Cactus Rat Tail Cactus 5. Senecio Jacobsenii Rat Tail Cactus 6.Burritos Tail Sedum Burrito 7. Sedum Little Missy Sedum Little Missy 8. Lipismium Cruciforme Lepismium Cruciforme 9. String of Bananas String of Bananas 10. Oscularia Deltóides 11. Sedum Blue Tears Sedum Blue Tears 12. Sedum Carpet Sedum Carpet Instagram : Related PostsBeautiful hanging succulents: Donkeys tail n Burrows tailHanging Plant Succulents Burro Tail Home Design Ideas, Pictures, Remodel and DecorPlanting My Trio Of Hanging SucculentsHanging basket plants, succulents, in Bangkok, ThailandWaterford Twp Public Library Craft Series: Hanging SucculentsDIY: Hanging glass terrarium using succulents | Blush & Batting Blog

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