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Hanging Plants Hanging Planters For Outdoor & Indoor Plants With Decorative Baskets & Hanger Hooks PERFECT ADDITION FOR YOUR HOME DÉCOR: Looking to add style and mystique to your home’s décor? Our wall hanging planters are designed just for that. They easily hang from the ceiling, wall, or garden, and will be a perfect addition to the look and feel of your home. STRONG AND DURABLE BUILD: Our macramé plant hanger is made from strong cotton cords and hard pine shelf, making it a completely sturdy plant hanger. It is made to support more weight that it will ever be required to, giving you complete confidence and peace of mind. IDEAL FOR SAVING SPACE: Create more virtual space with our hanging plant stands. The unique hanging table design is great for holding plants, vases, books, decorations, and more, making them perfect space savers for use all around your home. MAKES FOR A UNIQUE GIFT: Do you know someone who just moved into a new house? Help them enhance the look of their new home with a hanging plant décor. It makes a unique and lovely gift that everyone is sure to appreciate. CONVENIENTLY SIZED TO HOLD ALL YOUR INDOOR PLANTS: Our wall hanging planters measures 45” in height (including tassel), and the base measures 12” wide, 12” long, and ½” thick. It is conveniently sized to hold your indoor plants without attracting too much attention. Click ‘Add to Cart’ now! Hanging planters are great for indoor and outdoor use to keep plants elevated and off the ground. They’re also good for being able to move plants around easily to give them the appropriate sun time they need for best growth. Not all plants like complete sun nor do all plants like complete shade. Being able to easily carry them […]

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