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Hanging Plants for a Waterwise Succulent Garden Hi everyone, In this video I feature some of my waterwise hanging plants. If you subscribe to my channel, you may already know that the goal for my garden is to have a carefree, low maintenance space. Therefore, I wanted to share the plants that I use in my garden that can be used either in hanging planters, or as hanging accents in waterwise, or succulent planter arrangements. As always, thank you so much for watching, thank you for subscribing, and welcome to all the new subscribers. Wishing you a fantastic day! I will talk to you later, bye. 💚💚💚✌️ Related PostsSucculent & Indoor Plants Hanging IdeaHow to make Vertical Hanging Succulent for small garden | Garden IdeasRope Knots For Hanging Pots Rope Garden planters hangers Ideas_how to hang House Plants25+ Hanging Succulent IdeasFaux Succulent Vertical Hanging Wall GardenHow to Build a Vertical Hanging Succulent Garden

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