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Advancing deserts are not unstoppable. By planting trees, it is possible to redevelop the soil and create an ecosystem that is more favourable for agriculture. The Swiss association Sylla Caap is convinced of this and in the savannah of Senegal has started building a Great Green Wall. (Luigi Jorio, Related Posts#DesertSeries: Senegal’s Great Green WallSenegal’s Great Green Wall combats desertificationThe Great Green Wall of Africa: Will it help fight climate change? BBC NewsnightWhy is Africa building a Great Green Wall? BBC Newsearthrise – The Great Green WallBBC Future Building the Great Green Wall of China

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  • nmkzf 1 year ago

    great with such a performance you can feed 10 people more after 50 years.

  • Luke McCalister 1 year ago

    I see coconuts being planted. I think they grow well in sea level conditions. They don't live well anywhere above 500 ft of sea level. I tried it before they grow, but they don't yield food(coconuts). It is a "tree of life" in the pacific. You can make things like, huts, baskets, fronds, hut posts, brooms, food for people and livestock, water for people and livestock, copra(oil), coconut oil(food and for hair and body), coconut cream, the coconut shell is a highly flammable type of wood. The coconut husk is used for tinder. Basically all things you need from a tree. Another Pacific tree is the Breadfruit, they say in the Pacific "planting 5 breadfruit trees in your backyard is enough to sustain many generations of your family". The tree requires almost no maintenance. Only maintenance is pruning them cos it can grow to 50ft high(dangerous when climbing). Also try the Taro(both are stables in the Pacific). You can make any type food like fried taro/breadfruit, u bake them, boil them, both are substitute for potato. They are more filling than a potato that's for sure, food for everyone and all livestock.

  • Gustav 1 year ago

    Why can't we just teach all people who lives in dry areas like this, what this man is saying???*? O-':

  • Doug Malone 1 year ago

    A commendable effort, but if population growth isn't addressed, the prospects of this effort are dubious.

  • robtherub 1 year ago

    i am interested in helping this project

  • Tossdart 1 year ago

    This doesn't appear sustainable. There are no swales. No harvesting surface water.

  • tigerone1970 1 year ago

    If they don't know already (you'd never find out through the arrogant narrator's voice), they should take a lead from the people of Kissidougou. Multi-generational permaculture systems.

  • Maurice Upton 1 year ago

    To much tribal hatred, corruption, dishonesty political corruption or dictators to deal with, the middle east and africa is a lost cause in my opinion, sorry to be so negative, these people are too poor and their politicans are just too corrupt that its a waste of time trying to help them.

  • Václav Čermák 1 year ago

    Goats are sort of antigreening animals.

  • synalag 1 year ago

    Quand va t on se décider  à faire une couche de substrat, partout dans le monde, là où la terre n'est pas assez riche, ou érodée, en enfouissant les déchets ménagers ? (épluchures, etc ) ?

  • Irene Eder 1 year ago

    Anyone thought of googling Permaculture? It incorporates methods from all around the world. A very successful sustainable system.