My reaction to Over The Garden Wall Episodes 1-5, The Old Grist Mill, Hard Times at the Huskin’ Bee, Schooltown Follies, Songs of the Dark Lantern and Mad Love

What I’m thankful for this Thanksgiving is finally getting around to hecking recording a video, amirite fellas?


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Over The Garden Wall and all related characters belong to Cartoon Network. I own only my voice (And face… to an extent…. I lost a bet OKAY?).

Halloween/Thanksgiving Special – Atomic Reacts: Over The Garden Wall Episodes 1-5 (Part 1)

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  • jeff jefferson

    This is just copywrite infringement! Theres barely any editing. You just play the full episodes while chuckling and saying 2-3 words every once in a while! These people put hard work into making this and they deserve their money, but now people can come to your YouTube video and watch it for free! This is a violation of YouTube's rules and copywrite law!

  • eric tatemura

    each episode represented each circle of hell

    -first one represents entering to hell since they where in an unknown forest and the woodsman tell them to not be caught by the beast, which the first quote is all hope abandon ye who enter, and the dog represent the sins

    -the one with the pumpkin people represent limbo since those souls have no sins but don't have enought faith to go to heaven so they have to wait until is their turn to go to heaven, enoch is a parody of king minos, the judge of the souls

    -the one of the animal school represent lust since the teacher was so caught up in thinking too much of his boyfriend, the perverts, rapists, love cheaters and prostitutes are punished by raping each other while they fly in a strong sex storm

    -the one of the tavern represent gluttony since they are fat characters that are trapped in the rain, there is alot of food but noone is eating it, greg served himself 3 times and the door is blocked by a dog that represent serverus the 3 headed guard dog, the gluttons are digested in the rain of stomach acid of everything they ate in life

    -the one of the rich guys represent greed since mr endicott was hoarding money and mrs grey was wasting it in decorations of her house, the greedy sinners are forced to push all the money they accumulated in life while they meet the ones who wasted it and they are also melted in gold

    -the one of the ferry represents anger, plus the 2 cents that greg threw out are like in the greek mythology where you have to be burried with a coin in the forehead to pay the ferryman to take you through the stix river, the frog cops were angry at them for not paying and wirt was angry at beatrice for using them to get the scissors, the grumps that only see horrible things in the world are sinking and drowning in mud while they fight each other like the frogs

    -The one of auntie whispers represent heretics, wirt turned on many candles representing the ones who don't believe in god are burned for eternity, also the witches and magic users are damned because god forbid magic, aunt whispers uses the bell to keep the demon in check so she is a witch, the fake prophets get their heads twisted so they can't see where they are going

    -greg's dream represent violence as when they fight the cloud man, when wirt give up going home and turns to a tree represent the ones who suicided since they commited violence against themselves, when the fish catch wirt in the water, represent those who made violence against animals outside survival (poaching and trophy hunting) the animals get revenge on those, and the dictators, terrorists, genocides and murderers of innocents are boiled in the blood of their victims

    -flashback in halloween represent fraud. in halloween everyone pretended to be someone they aren't, plus wirt lying to himself that he was out of sara's league and below funderberker's so he pretended to the strong cool guy to impress her, after waking up in the bird nest and eat dirt, it represent the liars eating poop that taste like their lies

    -the last one represent the lowest circle of hell reserved for traitors and where the devil is because he used to be god's BFF until he thought he could be a better god and betrayed him, this circle is frozen like the feeling of betrayal, also that satan is also known as the beast, the episode is in a snowy setting and the beast lied to the woodsman the whole time, for a second you see that the beast is a tree made of the children that the woodsman harvested