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  • Ana In Camelot

    Ok. I must have missed something. How are you using this pocket with your Weeks? I'm a one notebook (currently the Weeks) person and can't imagine how I would keep myself organized with more than one. I'd never know where to look for my notes and reminders and ….. well….. all the things that I write in any of my planners.

  • Jessica Cauthen Journals

    I would say look for the resolution date book from field notes. I may have one if you need one. I can send it to you 🙂

  • Angie Jett

    another great touristy spot is the ferry building marketplace…there are over 50 shops inside farmers market, coffee, breads, cakes, allllll kinds of goodies

  • Rebekah Musser

    I have seen a lot of info about Earl Grey that has made me want one, but this video is the first one I’ve seen that made me realize I have to have one. Thank you for sharing how it’s changed in just a few days.

  • Megan Hitt Art

    I use the monthly/weekly insert from Michael’s. It’s set up pretty much like the hobo weeks on the weekly, except no notes, and it’s set up as month, weeks, month, weeks, etc. it comes in a pack of three, the monthly/weekly insert, a dot grid, and a blank. The calendar only lasts 6 months, though, so I’ll have to get a new one soon. I like it a lot, and it’s helping me to not buy a hobo right now. Lol

  • Casandra Smith

    LOVED your setup Sam!! I find so much beauty in simplicity. Definitely recommend a weekly insert. I make my own weekly layout (just vertical columns with the dates on top) to help me organize my weekly recurring tasks and dated events and appointments. I like to see my whole week laid out which helps me the see the trees when I'm in the granular weeds of the dailies. Also, I cannot recommend lavender essential oil enough for when you need to de-stress. I use it nightly, a couple of drops behind each ear and on my pillow…helps me sleep like a baby. I even use it as perfume. Maybe you can bring some with you on the plane to help you relax? Amazon sells in 0.5 and 1 oz bottles that you can put in your purse/carry on without risking TSA taking it away from you. I like the Now brand.

  • Bonnie Kalwat

    Loved your video. I too tend to use the Frixion pens pretty much exclusively. Don't stress about the plane. You guys will be fine.

  • Laurie Engels

    You went to the prison where Shawshank Redemption was filmed? Did I hear that correctly? Wow, my husband may want your autograph. No no, just kidding, but he has watched that movie 200 times at least. 😉

  • Jaylene Cedeno

    Ron Swanson is my mood almost daily, and honestly your decorated cover is beautiful! I think Ron would definitely appreciate it lol

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