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  • P Peterson 11 months ago

    Great video and great garden! Why use the black tubes and end caps versus a pvc corner or elbow?

  • Michael C 11 months ago

    LOVE IT, THANKS FOR SHARING!!! Can you tell me what size black tubing did you use?

  • gii SB 11 months ago

    how long do you run the punp? does yours
    have a timer??

  • Kello Tao 11 months ago

    how about winter? do you remove everything?

  • krafterpc 11 months ago

    Thanks for your quick response.  I am looking forward to building it this weekend….

  • krafterpc 11 months ago

    You have got one of the best designed systems out there.  I was a little confused though.  You say to drill 2" holes but the net pot is only 1.75".  Won't the net pots fall through????

  • Jon Freer 11 months ago

    Love this design.  Going to do a similar project with my Biology class and will use this as an example.  Nicely done.

  • Brandon Mitchell 11 months ago

    good stuff!