Super cute #DoItYourself stress-relieving desk toy – Mini School Zen Garden! Write with a chalk on a miniature chalkboard, make notes in the mini notebook, discover new places to visit on mini globe, draw in the sand and calm your nerves 🙂

#ZenGarden is a place to calm, think and feel a great relief. Drawing in the sand can really effectively reduce your stress. And studying at #school could be very stressful. So having this #DIY mini version of actual Japanese garden (stress toy) on your desk is really useful.

I start with a base. As usual for my #mini gardens I use a lid from cardboard box and the sand (bought at pet shop). But this time I make a cover for sand out of felt. The holes in it are shaped like letters ABC. So it’s kinda pretty schoolish, right? 😉

The next I’m doing is a #miniature desk and miniature chair. I do them both with hot glue and cotton buds, but you can use cardboard and toothpicks as well 🙂

The third project is a miniature spiral notebook. You will need a mechanical ballpoint pen, awl or big needle and paper, of course.

What Zen Garden could be without sand-rake? None! Right. LOL So the next one is my usual, but new-shaped, mini-rake 🙂 Super glue, 4 paper clips and wooden stir stick.

And what a class could be without a blackboard? LOL So obviously the next project is a miniature chalkboard. You can use chalkboard paint, but I used just a regular acrylic paint and it worked out great. Probably you have a question – why did I use a clear tape from the back side of paper? Well, it is to prevent paper deformation of moisture (wet paint). For the frame I use wooden stir sticks, and bamboo skewer as a stand.

We were always chatting in class with paper planes with notes at primary school. So, if you use the same way to discuss important news while teacher is trying to teach you some useless things LOL – then the next diy for the garden is for you! x

And the last thing I show how to make – is a miniature globe made of table tennis ball, plastic bottle cap, toothpick and card stock 🙂 Love it!

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