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Doña María Elena Pop, leader of the Pocomchí Farmers’ Association in Guatemala, speaks about the importance of supporting women’s associations and highlights the work of United Nations agencies in this area. Her association has already benefited from a joint project involving UN Women and the Rome-based agencies, World Food Programme, Food and Agriculture Organization and the International Fund for Agricultural Development. The project, Accelerating Progress Towards the Economic Empowerment of Rural Women, aims to improve food security and nutrition for women farmers while helping them boost their income through advanced farming techniques. Produced by FAO with UN Women’s support. Related PostsWomen rice farmers of AfricaEjisu-Juaben & Afigya Kwabere Pig Farmers AssociationMr. Alhagie Basse Mbodge National President Gambia Farmers AssociationWaimea Hawaiian Homesteaders’ Association & First Nations Development Institute99 Nomadic Women Learning Gardening & Nutrition with RAIN in NigerOrganic Consumers Association

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