May 1, 2012
Growth Is Better than Austerity: The Origins of Bretton Woods
Room 028, Silsby Hall
3:00 PM
Eric Rauchway
Professor of History, University of California-Davis
Why does the United States pick the head of the World Bank instead of the International Monetary Fund? Does a high ranking US Treasury official who was feeding information to the Soviet Union have something to do with it? Professor Rauchway will discuss his forthcoming book on the origins of the Bretton Woods system, the framework governing the world economy from the late 1940s untill the early 1970s, which was negotiated at the New Hampshire resort in 1944.
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"Growth Is Better than Austerity: The Origins of Bretton Woods"

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  • Robrecht saski

    The marxist imf, in bed with china, ruined it's own credit score … a long time ago !!!!

    These traitors to humanity should be put in labor camps,chinese style !!

  • james moylan

    Bretton Woods promised to the troops 3 weeks after D-Day for stabilization of world currencies as a foundation for a lasting peace was to ban disaster economics by Stabilization of world currencies and any large movements of currency detrimental to the world economy should be outlawed.

    s imagine a lesson where children are being taught about disaster economics or international currency speculatlon.

    "So children on what sort of an event can a currency fall enabling massive profits for a trillion dollar hedge fund?"(the more deaths and injuries and destruction the better.

    "Please miss !"

    "Yes Freddie?"

    "A nuclear power station blowing up!"

    "Very good Freddie,anyone else!"

    "A massive explosion in a capital city?"

    "Yes dear ,and of course the more deaths and injuries and destruction the bigger the likelihood of a currency to fall!"

    "A pandemic miss!"

    "Yes Cuthbert !very good,and of course the more deaths especially of Drs and nurses announced at a time in a shock the bigger the chance for a currency to fall!"

    "A country fighting with another country over fishing rights somebody killed or a ww2 bomb going off sinking a ship and channel ports blockaded and food shortages!"

    "Very good sweetie ,Tracey you are a clever girl! Hundreds of billions of dollars worth for the trillion dollar hedge funds and billions for newspaper owners in tax havens and maybe a few MPs and MEP's as well,lucky things!"

    "Destroying a trade deal miss leaving businesses in total confusion miss !"

    "Yes of course,and the less faith people have in ordinary currencies the more chance for people to invest in cryptocurrencies financing child snuff movies against babies and toddlers KKK fascism modern slavers blackmail and Terrorism encrypted on the dark Web according to Interpol."

    "What's Interpol miss?"

    "It's the international police service dear"

    "Demonstrations leading to rioting!"

    "Very good Sam,and of course those trading cryptocurrencies and currencies may feel every stone thrown and fire started or policeman hit over the head is cash in the bank so to speak!"

    "And can any one tell me the name of the biggest financial conference of all time during ww2 and who were the only major world leaders not to ratify it?"

    "It was the international monetary and financial conference ratification held at Bretton woods called Bretton woods'

    "Yes well done Freddie!"

    "Why didn't they just call it the international monetary and financial conference or IMFC miss ?Is it because once taken out of school books they didn't really want anyone to know what it was about!?"

    "Now Freddie,next you LL be saying hardly anyone in the world knows about the most important historical event probably of all time ,to prevent the econonomc causes of WW2, blaming poor people and migrants for enormous Profiteering on stock market and currency collapses,on disasters economics and that $7,000 for 1 Billion people each in a day moves on the currency markets responding to all those wonderful disasters you have just been mentioning.Honestly how preposterous?"

    Can you think of a wonderful disaster to crash a currency?

    There are so many not yet covered by class!?

    Please put in the comments below!

    "Yes the Amazon burning forests fires in Australia killing loads of firemen,and houses burning to the ground! Yes yes any more?"

    "But miss what would happen if United Nations cooperation said "any large movements of currency detrimental to the world economy should be outlawed."

    "Well I suppose the trillion dollar hedge fundd would have to invest in taxable businesses in local communities world wide"

    "How much cash world that be miss ?!"

    "Taking just the derivatives markets and Forex trading alone probably about $100,000 for about 7 Billion people each Freddie dear and obviously best investment in highly profitable eco friendly technologies revolution as fast as they changed from peace to war in 1939 and war back to peace economy in 1945with Stabilization of world currencies investment in local communities not billionaires hedge funds in tax havens gamblng on CuRRENCIES and stock markets collapse blaming poor people and migrants as Hitler used to do.!But my cryptocurrencies might go down,so please don't tell anyone!"

  • james moylan

    Apologies two videos that could be considered primary sources.
    Bretton woods United news
    The Nixon shock.
    Hansard British parliament records.
    "Any large movement of currency detrimental to the world economy should be outlawed. "
    Money drains out of local communities worldwide for use on speculating on currencies.
    It is not patriotic to sell your country and plan an attack on another the next
    Stalin was the only one not to agree to Bretton Woods but then it was his interests to see capitalism fail.
    Soviet delegates were at Bretton Woods they agreed Stalin didn't.
    Dr Gaulle believed in STABLE currencies.
    Productive capitalism requires stability and long term planning.
    Speculative capitalism requires volatility and short term planning because long term planning is impossible.
    Bretton woods was to reduce the risk of having another ww2
    The richest period of all time followed Bretton Woods leading to fort youth culture.
    Bretton Woods can be seen as giving civil rights power by having jobs
    Young people had money to be able to protest Vietnam war.
    The success of stable currencies even after the temporary suspending of Bretton Woods due to money in the bank so to speak did what Stalin feared and ended the iron curtain.
    Perhaps the American Dream was by local money in local banks worldwide but U.S. entrepreneurs were envied as they could go bankrupt three times "house protected,"
    Having unstable leads to nation's never being able to pay off debt.
    Currency dealing is now $677 a DAY for every man person on the planet.
    Regulating currencies by putting limits on pure speculating seems prudent.
    For every $20 of world trade from every country to every country $1,500 is speculated.
    The currency dealers don't want cooperation in the UN as it may say we've got a law lets enact it and so global cooperation on climate change doesn't happen
    World bank or Mic says $1.5 trillion is needed to save the world.
    All the speculators seem to deny climate change or even we should try to live in a cleaner planet
    Best of luck surfs up!

  • james moylan

    this ignores the fact 1.00. that the conference had to come up with something that was acceptable to all world governments and their respective parliaments,in reality the conference lasted from 1944 -1946 with final ratification?
    They seemed to understand then,that investing in gambling on currencies,was a waste of time and leads to world poverty and world war.
    the success of Bretton woods is clearly seen in the success of the 1950 s and 1960 s.
    the failure of floating currencies can be seen in the wall street crash 1929?the great depression and the poverty that led to fascism throughout the world?and thus ww2?which is why it was top of the agenda at Bretton woods in 1944,for world peace through economic prosperity on the first day to be discussed….the stability of currencies.
    I have put some figures on a playlist,economics,apologies for the lack of spending on my videos but, facts are there.

  • delyparker777

    This was sponsored by the Rockefeller Foundation?!  What is wrong with this picture?!  Hello, the Rockefellers funded Hitler, Stalin and Mao through the central bank or the federal reserve system.   Anybody who doesn't understand needs to watch either "The Money Masters" or "The Creature From Jekyll Island" or "Endgame:  Blueprint For Global Enslavement."