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  • Mike 1 year ago


  • Syed Usman 1 year ago

    Growing sprouts indoors is indeed a great hobby I would say especially for the homemakers. Plus you have beautiful greenery around you. And it gives the leafy aroma. LOVE IT.

    I recently saw how you could beautifully turn a COLANDER into sprouts growing home decor.

    I went and picked myself one as well, It is just perfect.
    You got to take a look. YOU WILL LOVE IT FOR SURE 

    Cheers !!

  • noslen24 1 year ago

    They acctully are sprouts, they are big but still sprouts. You can tell be cause they only have their first cotyledon leaves, or seed leaves. great video though. I've been planning to start sprouting all my seeds for my gardens indoors but have only been growing sprouts out one of the small three layered circle trays. Thanks to you I will soon have a set up like this one along side plants that I grow to maturity, from the 8 fixtures got from a sale too doors down JUST today for only 30 bucks! 

  • HealthladyTV 1 year ago

    Well I call them sprouts. These would be plants sunflower if I were to let them grow to maturity. When they are only 2 to 3 inches high I call them sprouts :)

  • motoxbuddy 1 year ago

    great but these are not sprouts.You are growing indoor greens .Sprouts become plants .These are plants , sprouts are what you eat before this stage.