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Growing with Hydroponics, this is my first year growing with hydroponics and I wanted to let people know some of my results and problems that I am experiencing with it. The plants are growing faster and larger then I had ever expected but that could be a good thing? 1. Make sure how much water/fertilizer your plants are going to use. 2. Space your plants out. 3. Don’t mix your plants. 4. Make sure your pumps are working and you have enough water storage to leave for a weekend if needed. 5. The cost of the fertilizer you will need. 6. Extra cost of electricity to keep everything growing and cool. 7. Your time to invest in keeping everything going. 8. How to sell / give away all your vegetables that you growing. 9. Purchase a good PPM and PH meter. Related PostsHow to start growing hydroponics from seeds with rockwool cubesKnow About NFT System Of Hydroponics- How It Works- Problems And How TO OvercomeVertical Indoor Farming – Solving The World’s Food ProblemsThe Benefits of Growing with HydroponicsHydroponics – Hydroponic Marijuana Growing – Hydro Weed Grow How To – 16hydroponics growing system homemade | Homemade vertical

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  • Nicholas Lee 9 months ago

    haha crazy growth!

    have you tried other kinds of nutrient mixes or solutions…or just stick to Jacks and your two additives?

  • D Johnson 9 months ago

    does the water all get used/absorbed each day or is it more of a medium to transfer nutrients? if it's more of a medium, and a lot can be reused, it seems like it'd be easier to accomplish in a remote location. especially since nitrogen is super abundant, if there was a way to capture it, and reloaded into the medium (water) then that'd be great.

    it's great practice(and probably fun) to do it with the store bought mix to see other variables.

    I liked your observations about the buckets and color choice. also the ideas about placing at waist level to help harvesting. but then the darn things grew too tall.

    for the growing-to-fast pro lem. if you slow down the water flow, or lower the amount of nutrients, wouldn't that slow down their growth? or if you simulated a lower-light scenario (like a planet further from earth), it'd be neat to see if they might grow at the speed you want.

    the problem of growing too fast seems like the preferred problem to have vs growing too slow or not at all.

    take care :0)

  • Hel Ca 9 months ago

    I can't believe all the resource (man made/processed) used for this hydroponic garden. I still find it much easier and attractive to the eyes (not to mention the pleasure of having my hands into real dirt and managing/composting real manure) to grow a holistic garden with bountiful harvest to feed a dozen family and with a small growing area. Also, vines are very challenging since they crawl and need space, as well as tomatoes. How about stuff like lettuce, radishes, and other shorter vegetables… My firm belief is that there is no trick, no short cut… for healthy gardening. Put your clogs on, roll up your sleeves and you will do a great favor to Mother Nature.

  • Robert Moraws 9 months ago

    Add a float valve to your 250 gal tank also. When it get low it will auto fill also. If your nuts get too diluted, you can add more. That way if you are out of town for several days, everything will stay topped off. It won't hurt the plants to suck down nut diluted water for a few days.