Hi there! New to Babylon Vertical Farms Malaysia Channel? If so, here’s what you need to know — We at Babylon Vertical Farms have a HUGE passion in creating sustainable healthy food for people to ENJOY.
So we use this channel to explore fun DIY Microgreen trays, the benefits of modern farming techniques , and even our very own cooking show! All while having a fun time. We believe educating the masses does not need to be boring. Thus, we are here to help you revolutionize the way you look at food and vegetables in ways you never thought of before!

The brands brought to you by Babylon Vertical Farms are NEIGHBOURFOOD, our premium quality BABY KALE and MICROGREENS product, and F.O.T.P (Fresh Off The Press) our cold-pressed fresh KALE infused juice drinks.

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You can find our products at Village Grocer (https://villagegrocer.com.my) at Bangsar Village KL or at Ben’s Independent Grocer (https://big.com.my) at Publika KL

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Growing with Farmers Ep. 1 Growing Kale Microgreens by Babylon Vertical Farms Malaysia

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