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  • Thryfte 4 years ago

    this is damn phenomenal.

  • KAYAKERSTAN 4 years ago

    That is absolutely amazing you are able to grow those big watermelons hydroponically. Watermelon roots are massive yet you have that small box which carries the water back to the reservoir yet I don't see any roots. Are you clipping the roots?

  • SMSV621 4 years ago

    I heard you're not supposed to water the melons at all like a week before harvest in order to keep them tasty. Do you turn off the pumps and let them dry out for a week? Do they taste any less sweet and/or juicy?

  • gumbowarrior 4 years ago


  • Chicken Friedfish 4 years ago

    what is your fertilizer recipe NPK, Ph, PPM?

  • maxxlexx1 4 years ago


  • taz6122 4 years ago

    Should have ran them horizontally but I guess some spoiled brats can afford the extravagant rack.

  • Felipe Ademir Alemán Hérnandez 4 years ago

    Hi, what is the space between plants, and what is the size of each contender?, Do you have problems with the roots? thanks!!

  • Julien Parisé 4 years ago

    the end of the video is very space! Kinda like it tough!

  • firecloud77 4 years ago

    Sunshine Mix #4 – Aggregate Plus

    See the link in the video description.

  • firecloud77 4 years ago

    I use the Tomato Formula from Hydro-Gardens.
    I will put a link to it in the video description.
    I have the pump on a digital timer. I set up the timer to turn on for 10 minutes six times per day:

  • nowwerehappy 4 years ago

    Can I ask what nutrients you are using? Is that a constant flow to the plants? How many hours a day do you feed the plants?

  • firecloud77 4 years ago

    That's the power of hydroponics. 🙂

  • mamapeachez 4 years ago

    Love the vid. Going to check out parts 1 and 2. I can only imagine being glad that another one formed until you see that it's like 12 feet in the air. LOL

  • therawlifefamily 4 years ago

    wow, that's amazing. I can't get my watermelons to grow hardly at all, even in my greenhouse!

  • Moe Kuc 4 years ago

    LOL flouridation quote at the end of the video.

  • Alan Bernardez 4 years ago

    Can I come to see your set up it in person?

  • rdpp17 4 years ago

    How to do that? Could you provide me the instruction.
    I am in Thaialnd and very interesting in this.

  • T2H Instructionals 4 years ago

    Do you grow year round?

  • T2H Instructionals 4 years ago

    Crap man I am right down the street from you, man I would love to see in person how you set up your hydroponics.
    I was just in Seattle yesterday dropping my wife off to visit with her mother:>)