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This video demonstrates how to grow watercress from seed by a suspended pot, non-circulating hydroponic method (commonly referred to as the Kratky Hydroponic Method). Additional details on the growing method plus more information on watercress may be found in the article “Growing direct-seeded watercress by two non-circulating hydroponic methods” Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsKratky method hydroponic herbs — Growing without power or soilHow to start growing hydroponics from seeds with rockwool cubesGROWING method of karela / Bitter GOURD with Benefits|| EASY GARDENING SKILLS||HEALTH BENEFITSCheapest & non circulating Hydroponics-growing of beans plant with organic fertilizer/DIY(Hindi/UrduHydroponics Homemade Growing System | Kratky Method | Chocolate Bhutlah | Nutrient Test | #4Hydroponics Homemade Growing System | Kratky Method | Chocolate Bhutlah | Nutrient Test |

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  • Benjamin Schmid 1 week ago

    Dr Bernie Kratky, thank you so much for this video. It worked exactly the way you teach it.
    We used to pic watercress in the county when kids, now I can grow it nearly year round and invite friends with it.
    Wish you the best

  • Bella 1 week ago


  • Lili Pintea-Reed 1 week ago

    you are awesome

  • tts80 1 week ago

    I gave the method a go using rockwool and placed each net pot in a mason jar. So far the root development has been poor after 4 weeks and leaves development has been slow. The watercress seems to develop a fair bit of roots at the stems. Does that mean I should top up the solution so the net pot is once again submerged?

  • J Braga 1 week ago

    Watercress create roots spontaneously from its stem if they are too much together. Any humidity and they start to grow.

  • Jeb Gardener 1 week ago

    I saw your method on MHPgardener's channel and that got me started in hydroponics and making videos on YouTube. Thanks so much!

  • Wonderful Wandering Topics 1 week ago

    Thanks Berny. I talked to you many years ago about gardening here in Hawaii. Only recently did I get interested in growing watercress and the hydroponic method. Those roots on the lower stems, can they be succesfully replanted? Or do they suffer the same fate of more disease and insects as allowing the cut rootball to regrow?

  • Healani Matthews 1 week ago

    thank you so much. Mahalo.

  • tts80 1 week ago


    Thanks for the awesome video. It got me interested in growing watercress myself. Wondering what is the growing medium used in the video? I would like to be able to seed directly in the net pot without having to transplant them after. Is that just perlite you are using or a mixture?

  • Loyda Irizarry 1 week ago

    How many galons for 4 onces of nutrients?

  • Clifton Painter 1 week ago

    Remember, never juice and drink watercress straight and undiluted. It is so nutritious that it can cause irritation to the mouth, throat, and or stomach .

  • Clifton Painter 1 week ago

    I thought you demonstrated on another video that a floating model worked better?

  • Gate Tres 1 week ago

    just discovered your work. very interesting . Q: can Hydroculture clay balls be used instead of Peat+Perlite soil media? ( i experimented gnat, water insect by using Peat moos media)

  • Brett Beacon 1 week ago

    Is it possible that the little roots along the stem allow the plant to grow out like a ground covering plant?

  • Caroline Honse 1 week ago

    You have many many avid fans on Youtube. Great work for a great man.

  • BackTo Basics 1 week ago

    Another interesting video. Looking forward to seeing more of your methods. Subscribed!

  • Govind Pillai 1 week ago

    Subscribed. Thanks Dr. for sharing your results of your research and enabling quite a lot of people to grow their own food.

  • Khang Starr 1 week ago

    I am a huge fan of your work, subscribed!

  • Matt Garver 1 week ago

    Your videos just keep getting better.  Very nice to see this information made available on YouTube.