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🌳Oxygen Exotics Nursery🌳 Add:- Old Mumbai-Pune Highway Near Somatne Toll plaza,@Japalouppe.Tal.Maval Pune Name- Mr.Sunil Laxman Kashid From Pune. Contact:-9922002281 9767056632 9156134174. *Details of Hydroponic* ◆Vertical Hydroponic Tower 1)Herb Hydroponic Tower 2)Medicinal Hydroponic Tower 3)Exotic & Indian Vegetable Hydroponic Tower 4)Flower Hydroponic Tower 5) Strawberry Hydroponic Tower…(etc) ◆ What is Hydroponic? ●The science of soil less vegetable growing is called Hydroponic. ●It basically involves growing healthy plants without the use of it traditional soil medium by using a nutrient like mineral rich water solution instead. ●A plant just need select nutrient,some water and sun light to grow. ◆What are the benefits? ● By this system we can grow more number of plants vertical in less area. ●It required less water due to recycling process. ●Due to using of cyclic timer there is not need to worry about plant. ●If we go out of station for 4-5 days plants will grows automatically due to cyclic timer. ●Due to use of balanced nutrients ‘A’ and ‘B’ Plants grows healthy,residue free,and natural taste. ●For control insects,diseases we use organic insects control like Neemark. ●By providing constant and readily available nutrition,hydroponic allows plant to grow up to 50% Faster then they would in soil. ●Also, fresh produce can be harvested from hydroponic vegetable growing throughout the year. ●Growth of the plants Hydroponic is healthy in cocopit media. ●Vegetable produced form that system is very healthy and rich of nutrients and mineral for Human beings. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsEasy and Affordable DIY Hydroponic Vertical Tower Garden part 2Vertical Hydroponic Grow Kit: Tower, Tent, LEDs, and Fan – Aerospring Indoor Herb & Vegetable …PVC Vertical Nft Indoor hydroponic growing systemsGrowing Vegetables at Home with Automatic Watering, Vertical Vegetable Garden Ideas#4 AMAZING VERTICAL GARDENING IDEAS FOR HOME | AQUAPONIC HYDROPONIC VERTICAL TOWERPt.2/10 How to […]

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  • Brandon Gillan 1 week ago

    I really like that it recycles the water through the pots that is so cool can you make a video on how to do the pots system will recycle