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  • Toyin Ogunseye 1 month ago

    Must they be in a green house?

  • Christiaan Duvenage 1 month ago

    You should experiment with potato hydroponic

  • Aftab Bharmal 1 month ago

    Are you using air pump? after how many days do you change the water?

  • MrSeanh01 1 month ago

    You could drill drain holes for the boxies outside, so they don't overfill

  • zayn maru 1 month ago

    you use soil for vertical one??

  • Judi Christopher 1 month ago

    Thank you so much for sharing this.
    BTW…. you said you juice… do you use a Vitamix?
    and if so… which one do you like?

  • Helena Wright 1 month ago

    Thanks for sharing. Great video.

  • Joanie S 1 month ago

    How do you prevent root rot? I just threw out a Brandywine in a 5 gal self wicking bucket due to root rot. I went and flushed the rest of my buckets. That water was nasty. Do you flush yours, too?

  • Ling681 1 month ago

    Thanks for sharing. Do you get any problem with mosquitos in the vertical planters?

  • chan58 1 month ago

    Very interesting video, thanks for sharing 🙂

  • Leiza Sweet 1 month ago

    Do you need to change the water in the bucket or no? Im just curious sir. Thanks for any reply.

  • Tiffany Patton 1 month ago

    I did this with green onions…must have grown nasty algae because when we harvested and ate them, we got SICKER THAN DOGS…but we used mason jars, net cups and a bin to hold it all! No sight of algae but DAMN we puked and felt really ill after our first harvest!! Stopped this method!

  • Mandisa Makubu 1 month ago

    Chicken juice

  • James Wright 1 month ago

    So, is there a way to incorporate fish into this so it is self fertilizing? Maybe put a screen to keep the fish from coming and eating the roots or something.

  • Anthony Shostack 1 month ago

    rabbit boop is the best for growing, it wont burns roots like chicken poop, chicken poop u have to wait!

  • Anthony Shostack 1 month ago

    i planted 120 tomatoes plants in my back yard, which i have 2 lots which is 100 feet wide, 1 lot is 50 feet here in Michigan! i only water them 2 time so far, i heard if u dont water them that the plant will hurry up and produce bunch of flowers cause plant think it gonna die, i guess God made it that it hurry up and feed u , before the plant thinks it will die! and i heard they do well to by or under fruit trees!! and that the plants talk to one another through there roots , that through there roots they feed one another plants!! and i find it to be true, i planted tomatoes plant under my cherry tree!

  • Cristina Arroyo 1 month ago

    I can't seem to find the video with the jars you used to grow plants

  • Leemin Shadbolt 1 month ago

    Where are you ? I leave out side Vancouver .I would like to try grow Veg inside my that ok? I am Chinese and Veggies.thank you

  • joseph hagood 1 month ago

    You introduced me to this method. And I greatly appreciate it. After research and trial and error I have grown massive cherry tomato plants and Carolina reapers peppers. Unfortunately zucchini plants only grow great until it starts fruiting then blows through water like crazy. Larger tomatoes do the same