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With climate change and rising populations, we have to find more sustainable ways to farm our food. Are hydroponic greenhouses the key to farming’s future? Subscribe to ABC Science YouTube 👉 This is an excerpt from the Australian documentary series, Catalyst: Feeding Australia, originally broadcast on 14th August 2018. The full program will be available for Australians to watch: #ABCScience #ABCCatalyst Subscribe: Like: Follow: ————————————————————— This is an official Australian Broadcasting Corporation YouTube channel. Contributions may be removed if they violate ABC’s Online Conditions of Use (Section 3). Related PostsHow To Make A DWC Hydroponic System | Step by Step Guide | Growing Tomatoes and Cucumbers IndoorsGROWING VEGETABLES INDOORS // Tomatoes and LED Grow Light Review95% कम पानी और मिट्टी के बिना खेती! | Future Vertical Farming Tech Will Use No Soil & 95% Less WaterHydroponic Tomatoes – Kratky vs Soil – Indoors vs OutdoorsHydroponic Tomatoes – Start Growing IndoorsHow to Grow Vegetables Without Soil and Fertilizer || Hydroponic System || Water Growing Media

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  • mohit raiyani 2 months ago

    Expensively foolish

  • Rich Gocken 2 months ago

    Wow! Can I work there?

  • Nephilim Slayer 2 months ago

    I have bought truss tomatoes for many years because they have more flavour and are not sprayed with poisons as field tomatoes are. If solar power and water reuse are employed, it will be a sustainable business.

  • kiros harlequin 2 months ago

    i wonder if you could grow cotton like this

  • Matt Hunter 2 months ago

    180 calories per kg for tomatoes… If you want to feed the world with greenhouses then I think tomatoes are a bit of a waste of space.

  • oxo rox 2 months ago

    All the plastic?

  • Ms Kae 2 months ago

    Seems really cool but what about unfiltered sunshine? You covered one important aspect: insects, bees which are vital, still, are we getting the same amount of vitamins in our food when grown this way?

  • Diva Gardens 2 months ago

    Wow amazing

  • JadedRaver 2 months ago

    Oh awesome! An ABC release that the public can comment on!

  • realcanadiangirl64 2 months ago

    How many bees would it take to pollinate that many tomatoes?

  • jparkerwillis 2 months ago

    pretty neat, like the chalk block idea

  • sashwrin 2 months ago

    No bees,. That seems a little sad.

  • gvi341984 2 months ago

    Spain does this in mass commercial scale if anyone is interested

  • EvGeny 2 months ago

    That’s called SCIENCE!!!!

  • David Jennings 2 months ago

    In this country, as prone as it is to drought, it makes a lot more sense to use these methods, than traditional ones.