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John from visits Harvest Time Market and Farm. He shares with you the vertical hydroponicc system growing strawberries, also growing strawberries, tomatoes, cucumbers, peas, and cabbage in the field. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsA Visit to Swank Hydroponic Farm Growing Vertically and NaturallyTour of – Here We Grow – Hadley, MA Hydroponic Store (413) 584-FARMGrowing Sweet Potatoes VerticallyGrowing Mint in Commercial Hydroponics SystemsGrowing Broccoli & Cabbage Vertically 2Growing Tomatoes Hydroponically

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  • Britt Beats 1 year ago

    They have either a magnesium or iron deficiency. The interveinal chlorosis is very easy to see.

  • Captain Tim 1 year ago

    the strawberrys look terrible, look at the difference between the plants at the bottom and the plants at the top of the tower.

  • Guns&Cars 1 year ago

    Cherry tomatoe fights with my brother when I was a teenager….

  • alphasxsignal 1 year ago

    Take them forever to get their money back from the vertical system.

  • Matt Jackson 1 year ago

    Yes, I have definitely had tomatoe fights when I was a kid

  • alphasxsignal 1 year ago

    Those vertical system styrofoam cost alot and a long time to get your money back.

  • Bryan Carter 1 year ago

    Nice thoughts about pesticides and profit! 

  • Theresa Salazar 1 year ago

    Which do you consider better fruit, strawberries grown hydro or in the ground?? Is this organic grown and have you tried to sell your fruit to top of the line restaurants?

  • Abe Moss 1 year ago

    Are they using a drip system in the field?

  • Adam mcguinness 1 year ago

    wow -your not even a troll. your a crazy, god-fearing idiot.yep gods gonna show up in a diner in Tennessee or what ever hick hole you live in and take the "chosen ones" home and spraying poison chemicals on our food is a good idea.
    conservative retard!

  • Gene B. Maxwell 1 year ago

    The drawback to hydroponics is that you will need to purchase "plant food" or nutrition and supplements that are more costly. Aquaponics brings together the most beneficial aspects of Hydroponics And Aquaculture so cut down price and enhance productivity
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  • John Valentino 1 year ago

    John knows his stuff. Real gardening described understandably with state of the art soil healthy techniques. I'm impressed.

  • cutwagman 1 year ago

    It looks like the top plants get the most water and sun and the lower plants look weak and worthless.
    Is this really the best way to grow them? MHO

  • Captain Tim 1 year ago

    Profit is the enemy? You don't get it, there is no "utopia", there will be one day but we need to wait for the second coming of Christ. For now, the only practical solution is fertilizer, herbicide, pesticide. Think of it this way, if a farmer didn't need these things his profit would be much greater. You can't feed 7 billion people organically. Of course, you would probrably abort them and of course you would decide who lives and dies.

  • also, your "yield theory" is based on things looking good enough to buy. A home gardener isn't going to throw a guava away because it has one spot on it. We can feed armies from our homes! It just may not look like the store. Furthermore, mulberries from my bush taste amazing but no stores carry them bc they don't last on the shelf. The profit business of food is not what we are talking about here. It's our enemy!!

  • There's more to food than simple yield. Nutrients are so important! Quality over quantity and yum!

  • That is just ignorant!

  • Kelly Norris 1 year ago

    Awesome idea on the strawberries…

  • sassyleochick 1 year ago

    I was wondering how these plants where being nourished, wow. I will have to think twice before buying my kids strawberries from the super markets. :(

  • sassyleochick 1 year ago

    Maybe the general population should start gardening? :0